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    The Bakugan Battle Gear are one of the highlights of the third Bakugan series Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders. They are gears (made from the DNA of the Bakugan) that can be attached to some of the Bakugan. This page will be updated for more information soon.

    March 2010: The first six Bakugan Battle Gears that were released along with the first set of the Gundalian Invaders Bakugan are the following:

    More Battle Gears are expected to be released as the third season of the Bakugan series draws near. Some have already been introduced during the latter half of the New Vestroia series, such as the Battle Crusher and the Swinger/Swayther.

    May-June 2010: The second set of Battle Gears were released along with the new Core Bakugan and new Bakugan Super Assault. The Battle Gears released were the following:

    July-August 2010: The third wave of new Gundalian Invaders Bakugan will be released on July and August. It will include four new Battle Gears:

    September-October 2010: Wave 4 of the new Gundalian Invaders Bakugan will be released on the months of September and October. With this comes six new Battle Gears:

    October 2010: Special releases happened at the start of October! The Colossus Bakugan and the Bakugan Mobile Assault were released, and with them six new battle gears. In truth, these new battle gears are not really new in a way because they are actually parts of the Dragonoid Colossus and Dharak Colossus. These new battle gear can only be purchased with the Colossus Bakugan they are a part of.

    November-December 2010: Four new battle gears were released as part of the 5th wave of Gundalian Invaders.

    Battle Gear Attributes

    Most of you might also know by now the different set of attributes that the Battle Gears follow. Instead of the of the six Attributes that the core Bakugan have (Pyrus, Aquos, Darkus, Ventus, Subterra, and Haos), the Bakugan Battle Gear go by three: Gold, Silver, and Copper. Each of these three attributes have its own symbol which can be seen imprinted on the Battle Gear.

    Gold Attribute Silver Attribute Copper Attribute
    Gold Bakugan Battle Gear Silver Bakugan Battle Gear Copper Bakugan Battle Gear
    Looks like a target,
    or crosshair
    Looks like a missle,
    or triangle
    Looks like
    a cat’s eye

    How To Use Bakugan Battle Gear In Battle

    Place the Battle Gear on the back of the Bakugan to open it. Or you can place it on the Gate card next to your Bakugan. The G-Power of the Battle Gear is then added to the Bakugan in battle.

    Remember to take note of the list of Attributes listed on the Battle Gear Reference Card. If your Bakugan matches one of the listed Attributes, you get the Ability listed on the card. Now, if your Battle Gear matches the color of the Gate Card where the battle is (Gold, Silver, or Copper), you can choose any one ability listed on the reference card for the battle. The ability takes effect when the Battle Gear is played and, for multiple abilities listed, after you have chosen which ability to use.

    Move the Battle Gear like how you move regular Bakugan. Get it from the unused pile, and at the end of the battle move it to the used pile. When you have no more Bakugan to roll, all your Bakugan, Bakugan Trap, and Battle Gear move back to your unused pile.

    You can use at most 2 supports --- either 2 Bakugan Battle Gears, 2 Bakugan Traps, or 1 Bakugan Battle Gear and 1 Bakugan Battle Gear.

    The Bakugan Battle Gear can be used in battle with any Bakugan from all series. It may only be attached to some Gundalian Invaders Bakugan but you can also use it with the older series. If you cannot attach the Battle Gear to the Bakugan, then just open the Battle Gear on the Gate card and proceed with the game.

    You can use all your available Battle Gear or Bakugan Trap on a standing Bakugan in battle. Just make sure to process them one at a time and at proper turns with your opponent.

    When playing the Big Game, you also get to double your Battle Gear and Trap! You can have 4 Bakugan Trap or Battle Gear, or a combination of Bakugan Trap and Battle Gear that is 4 in total.

    Deluxe Battle Gear and Mobile Assault Vehicles

    Interesting additions to the battle gears are the Deluxe Battle Gears and the Mobile Assault Vehicles. Bakugan Deluxe Battle Gears are bigger versions of the original battle gears. Another feature added to them is the ability to light up! The pack comes with a Gate card, a Battle Gear Reference Card, and has a unique DNA code you can use for Bakugan Dimensions.

    Bakugan Mobile Assault is considered as Deluxe Battle Gears, considering their packaging. But the Mobile Assault is a whole new kind of battle gear in that they function as weapon-equipped vehicles. Battle gears are normally placed on top of the Bakugan as weapon boosts. With the Mobile Assault, however, it is the Bakugan on top.

    List of GI Bakugan and Their Battle Gears

    Battle Gear : Bakugan and Brawler
    Axator Gear
    Barias Gear
    Battle Crusher
    Battle Sabre
    Battle Turbine
    Cross Buster
    Destrakon Gear
    Explosix Gear
    Nukix Gear
    Rock Hammer
    Terrix Gear
    Twin Destructor
    Vilantor Gear
    Dharak and Emperor Barodius
    Battalix Dragonoid and Dan
    Lumagrowl and Kazarina
    Aranaut and Fabia
    Strikeflier and Airzel
    Battalix Dragonoid and Dan
    Battalix Dragonoid and Dan
    Linehalt and Ren
    Sabator and Nurzak
    Lumino Dragonoid and Dan
    Rubanoid and Sid
    Lumino Dragonoid and Dan
    Akwimos and Marucho
    Helix Dragonoid and Dan
    Avior and Mason
    Battalix Dragonoid and Dan
    Lythirus and Stoica
    Brawlacus Dharak and Barodius
    Coredem and Jake
    Brawlacus Dharak and Barodius
    Contestir and Zenet
    Hawktor and Shun
    Phosphos and Lena
    Helios and Spectra
    Krakix and Gill
    Plitheon and Jesse
    Helios and Spectra

    First Appearances

    New Vestroia Episode 41: BT: The Final Battle
    Spectra and Helios used the Twin Destructor in the battle with Dan and Drago against Zenohold.

    New Vestroia Episode 43: Phantom Data Attack
    Avatar Baron and Aranaut used the Battle Crusher in a battle against Baron in Bakugan interspace.

    New Vestroia Episode 45: Fusion Confusion
    In perfecting Drago's prototype of the Jetkor, Spectra battled him in Bakugan interspace with Hawktor using the Swayther/Swinger and Coredem using Rock Hammer.

    New Vestroia Episode 51: All For One
    Spectra used the Zukanator on Helios to create an opening in the Alternative in a bid to talk to his and Mira's father.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 1: A New Beginning
    Ren displays his brawling skills in a battle against Dan and Drago in the Bakugan Interspace. He boosts Linehalt with the Boomix battle gear, and Dan answers by boosting Drago with Jetkor.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 2: Revelation
    Sid and Lena make their first appearance fighting against Dan and Drago. Sid boosts Pyrus Rubanoid with the Destrakon Gear and Lena uses the Terrorcrest on Phosphos but still lost to Drago.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 5: Confrontation
    Sid and Zenet battles against Ren and Dan. Zenet boosts Haos Contestir with the Spartablaster, but Dan and Drago still overpowers them.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 6: Exposed
    Fabia battles Jesse to show who the real enemies are. Jesse boosts Ventus Plitheon with the Vilantor Gear and dominates the battle.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 7: True Colors
    Marucho and Ren battle as Ren finally reveals himself as a Gundalian. Marucho boosts Akwimos with Gigarth and wins over Ren.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 8: Hostile Takeover
    Mason brings out Avior with the Lashor in a battle against Dan and Shun.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 13: Twin Evil
    The Cross Buster is Lumino Dragonoid's brand new battle gear. Dan and Drago uses it in a brawl against Zenet and Contestir before the brawlers leave for Neathia. It will be later called as Explosix on Episode 28: Jake Returns.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 14: The Sacred Orb
    With the appearance of Dharak Colossus during the attack on Neathia's second shield, we get a glimpse of Smashtor and Riptor connected to the Exokor hub of Dharak Colossus.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 15: Decoy Unit
    Airzel boosts Strikeflier with Battle Turbine in his attack against Marucho, Jake, and the castle knights.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 16: The Secret Switch
    In an effort to stop Dan and Fabia from advancing to the second shield generator, Stoica boosts Lythirus with the Razoid battle gear. They still failed, as Shun had Drago all along and were on their way to the generator.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 19: The Secret of the Orb
    Nurzak boosts Sabator with Chompixx as they fight alongside Ren and Linehalt against Marucho, Akwimos, Jake, and Coredem. The battle was interrupted by the Sacred Orb.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 20: Partners 'Til the End
    After Zenet and Contestir were defeated by Shun and Hawktor, Gill was forced to stop his analysis of the second shield and brawl. He used the Vicer on Krakix and was about to crush Hawktor. Fortunately, Dan and Drago came to the rescue.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode 21: Divide and Conquer
    Emperor Barodius boosts Dharak with Airkor as he battles Nurzak and Sabator for their belief that the Orb should be feared and not coveted as Barodius does.

    Gundalian Invaders Episode Twenty Four, Dharak Colossus
    Kazarina boosts Lumagrowl with the Barias Gear as the Twelve Orders (minus Nurzak and Sabator) attacks to break through the second shield.

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    3. i have a darkus dharak but now i really want airkor

    4. these r cool!

    5. why not come out with at least 1 bakugan battle gear for each attribute like aquos

    6. The 4th battle gear is called Airkor, the 5th is called Twin Destructor, and the 6th is Jetkor.

    7. i agree with zak. airkor should be 4 ventus. rock hammer should be 4 sub terra. personally, battle turbine should be 4 darkus. vilantor should be 4 haos. the square should be 4 pyrus. and, the 1 that has the wings connected to the spheres/circles should be 4 aquos. BUT, the battle gears do have different attributes, so the main attributes could also have this secondary attribute.

    8. i think shadow wing is right. each attribute deserves a secondary attribute.

    9. i agree with zak.
      ventus- airkor
      aquos- the guy w/ red wings
      darkus- battle turbine
      haos- vilantor
      sub terra- rock hammer
      pyrus- the square
      But, the battle gears do have 6 new attributes, so maybe, each main attribute should have a secondary attribute.

    10.   Spladoogle says: February 14th, 2010 at 7:08 pm

      The darkus-like one is called airkor. The jet-like one is called jetkor.

    11. i have dharak but really want airkor in gold

    12. all yall look at the latest post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13.   Preyas II says: February 18th, 2010 at 4:48 pm


    14. turbine you dont usaly pots on sub jects


    16.   Dan Kuso says: March 5th, 2010 at 8:43 pm

      i got airkor,vilantor,twin destrotion and jetkor

    17.   bakujoont says: March 11th, 2010 at 5:29 am

      they have a random color, like gate cards

      gold, silver, or copper

      it’s not always the same

      thats why they can be used on ANY bakugan

      you can use them with old bakugan, just set it on gate like a trap

    18. i have a gundilan version of neo drago lumagrowl phosphos and a twin destructor

    19. I have a Helix Dragonoid-800Gs and a Twin Destructor-100Gs so both of those bakugan are pretty strong together but its not as strong as Pyrus Quake Dragonoid-1000Gs.

    20. i have a 750g dharak and 50g airkor

    21. they are both darkus

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