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    New Bakutin Mix Bakugan Bakutins

    The Bakugan Bakutins come in 6 different versions. There is one for each attribute/color of bakugan. Each tin comes with 2 exclusive bakugan ( original 29mm size ) and 10 cards ( 5 gate and 5 ability ). The bakugan that come with the tin are pearl/white versions and are the attribute of the tin color ( for example the blue tin contains aquos bakugan ). The tin has 2 trays inside and each tray holds 9 bakugan ( 18 total for the tin ) and a spot to hold about 50 cards. The tins retail for about $20.

    EDIT It appears these bakutins are no longer being made and the new bakutins contain 2 random pearl bakugans now. See the tin to the left. It states "surprise special bakugan" now instead of exclusive pearl bakugan like the older ones below. There are actuall two versions of this tin as well. the older "type2" tins contains smaller original size pearl bakugan. The newer 'type2" tins contain pearl B2 sized bakugan. For instance the older Haos ( silver tin ) contains a pearl haos gorem and pearl haos hynoid, the newer one contains a pearl haos fourtress and pearl haos tentaclear.

    JUST RELEASED ( Feb. 2009 ) There is a NEW BAKUTIN out now ( type3 ). These tins all have a certain character on them and also come with set bakugan. These bakugan are being called "swaps" but are just reverse color.

    More info and pics when i get them.

    redtinF Bakugan Bakutins
    The red tin comes with 2 exclusive pearl white pyrus bakugan, laserman and robotallion

    greentinF Bakugan Bakutins
    The green tin comes with 2 exclusive pearl white ventus bakugan, gorem and gargonoid

    goldtinF Bakugan Bakutins
    The gold tin comes with 2 exclusive pearl white subterra bakugan, dragonoid and reaper

    silvertinF Bakugan Bakutins
    The silver tin comes with 2 exclusive pearl white haos bakugan, centipoid and fear ripper

    bluetinF Bakugan Bakutins
    The blue tin comes with 2 exclusive pearl white aquos bakugan, juggernoid and stinglash.

    blacktinF Bakugan Bakutins
    The black tin comes with 2 exclusive pearl white darkus bakugan, fear ripper and mantis.

    Bakugan Gundalian Invaders Bakutins

    The newest sets of Bakugan --- Bakugan Gundalian Invaders --- also brought out a new Bakutin. It is different in shape and color form the past Bakutins. This Bakutin follows the new color theme of the new season: black with red and white words. It contains 1 Bakugan, 1 Battle Gear, 3 Ability Cards, 5 Metal Gate Cards, and 2 Reference Cards.

    And Instead of the hexagonal shape, the Gundalian Invaders Bakutin is shaped like a bow/ribbon. It has a rectangular space in the middle for you to store your cards. To the sides are where you can put your Bakugans.

    6013431 Bakugan BakuTin S3 1024x1024 Bakugan Bakutins

    Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Bakutins

    The Bakutin of the fourth season reduced its size from rectangular-like to square-like. It also now has a see-through circle in the center of its cover to see what's inside the Bakutin.The MS Bakutin includes 1 Bakutin, 1 Bakugan, 1 BakuNano, 1 Ability Card, and 1 Metal Gate Card.

    MS Bakutin Bakugan Bakutins

    Store all your avorite Bakugan and Mechtogan.
    Features a clear window to showcase your favorite monsters.

    Purchase Bakutins below

    logo Bakugan Bakutins

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    7 Responses to “Bakugan Bakutins”
    1.   Mike McClafferty says: November 21st, 2009 at 4:25 pm

      I want the Sub-Terra one! Does anyone know what 2 Bakugan come in it?

    2. its random

      i got a blue one and 2 more of the same color and they came with radom bakugan

    3. i cant wait to get the new gaundilian tins!!!!!!!!!

    4. they sell the gundailis at tru

    5. I like the gundalian invaders ones

    6. I think the gundalian bakugan themselves are the best because they look cooler and they can attach battle gear

    7.   bakuganmaster441 says: April 3rd, 2010 at 7:21 pm

      the gundalian invaders tin is worthless it comes with 1 bakugan and 1 battle gear for $25.00