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    Looking for Bakugan with prices that won't hurt your wallet? Here at our Bakugan Store, we offer the popular and recent Bakugan at their lowest possible prices.

    Core Bakugan. You can't start on a Bakugan battle or collection without having a core Bakugan first. Within our Core Bakugan section are many of the Bakugan that we have seen brawling in the anime for our anime heroes and villains. Take your pick and include it in your shopping cart!

    Bakugan Traps. We have listed in our Bakugan Traps section the traps that we have available. Just like the core Bakugan, we have also labeled them with their attributes to make choosing easier for you. As more traps are being introduced, we will also update this page and keep you in the loop of the new Bakugan traps out in the market.

    Bakugan Special Attacks. You have your Bakugan, you have a trap, but your set will not be complete without a Special Attack Bakugan. Choose among the available Special Attack Bakugan in our Bakugan store to add to your collection. We will keep this page updated as more Special Attack Bakugan are introduced and released.

    Bakugan Packs. Ranging from starter packs to booster packs, you can take your pick among the Bakugan packs we have available in the store. We also do our best to have the newest packs on sale, like the Gundalian Invaders Brawler Game Pack and other products and accessories.

    Bakugan Special Edition. We present to you two special Bakugan, the Maxus Helios and Maxus Dragonoid. These two stand out from the rest of the Bakugan because they are a 7-in-1 combination of a core Helios or Dragonoid Bakugan and 6 Bakugan traps.

    Bakugan Attributes. If you'd rather pick out Bakugan with a certain attribute in mind, you can go over the Bakugan Attributes section. We have arranged the Bakugan list in order of their attributes and it will be easier for you to scan through the items.

    Bakugan Series. If you want to go through the items series by series, then we also have the Bakugan Series section to help make your search faster. We will also keep this page updated as the upcoming series are confirmed and out.

    Bakugan Cards. This section offers only the Bakugan Cards for sale. There is not much, since the cards are usually found in the packages with the Bakugan balls. But we are always on the lookout for cards on sale and we will keep this page updated as much as we can.

    Bakugan Accessories. You'll need to accessorize your Bakugan collection sometime. Let's start with Bakuspheres and BakuTins. More are coming up, so stay close by to check!

    Bakugan Classifieds. Be sure to check out our daily classifieds section, with some of the latest Bakugan deals from members of the site, including some of the latest deals from eBay & Amazon.

    eBay Listings. On each of the Bakugan pages, we've listed all the eBay listing for that specific Bakugan at the bottom of the page. We appreciate you buying through these listings, as BakuganBuzz get's a small percentage of the earnings - which helps us to better maintain the site simple smile Bakugan Specials   Where To Buy

    If you don't see the Bakugan you're looking for in our database, feel free to send us an email for an inquiry about the Bakugan. We can help you by guiding you through eBay to get you what you are looking for.

     Bakugan Specials   Where To Buy

    29 Responses to “Bakugan Specials – Where To Buy”
    1. Hey I get all of my bakugan at Walmart in Jesery Vill

    2. I have 45 bakugan 6 traps maxus drago and heilos and 25 plane stronge bakugan a baku sphere baku binder a bakugan holder and the baku bowler

    3. i buy all bakugan at wal-mart or target and at walmart they have card powerhouses and booster packs. and can you find a pyrus cyclone turbine drago for me

    4. is there somewhere good in Australia? they have stopped selling Maxus Dragonoid here!!! >:(

    5. i get mine at wal-mart

    6. I get mine at Walmart, Target and TRU.

    7. I get mine at walmart[Shrewsberry],ebay,target,and[belair]

    8. i live in kuwait and i am looking forward in getting maxus dragonoid delta dragonoid and storm skyress.my local toy store is kind of far so there are some chances that i get bakugan and i only have one trap and all other regular bakugan but i dont have any new vestroia or special attack bakugan.

    9.   Rebecca says: August 13th, 2010 at 1:09 pm

      I get mine from Toys’r’us or Argos.

    10. i get mine from toys r us,amazon and the toy store.

    11. i got dragonoid and darak collosus and maxus dragonoid and helios

    12. at walmart

    13. i got dragonoid and darak collosus and maxus dragonoid and helios at walmart

    14. u cant get a maxus helios set at walmart.

    15. i got subterra piro dragonoid and pirus najt percival


    17. i got dragonoid and darak collosus and maxus dragonoid and helios

    18.   Anonomus says: February 12th, 2011 at 1:57 pm

      Why can’t you get gundalian invaders Bakugan on this website

    19. I got dragonoid colossus,dharak colossus,phantom dharak,and blitz dragonoid at walmart and i am cris the champion of the 2010 world championship.

    20. I got 1050 g rickoran at Target

    21. I know you want it

    22. the bakugans are cool i never lost to any brawler ever

      people buy those bakugans

    23. The bakugans are awsome people buy galactic dragonoid or

      Titanium dragonoid

      i wanna warn you about some thing Titanium dragonoid might be in stores it can be darkus really buy one it is really awsome.

      it’s power level is 1050 really now that is a tough bakugan hey just buy one he is really strong

    24. Battle now with

      Titanium Dragonoid
      he is in stores now only the color darkus,subterra and haos so buy one seriously do that right now

    25. i got a titanium dragonoid he is 1260 g

    26. i get all my new bakugan at target :3

    27. I was wondering if you will buy my bakugan because i dont really want them anymore???

    28. I have pyrus titanium dragonoid, ventus taylean, and aquos infinity trister. I wanted preyas, even if it’s already 5 years since I started looking for him.

    29. … and just so you know, I am an aquos brawler and I have about 70 bakugan, 6 battle gear, 2 bakunano, 1 mechtogan, 1 trap, 1 deka trap, and 2 deka bakugan.

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