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    The bakugan battle brawlers game is played somewhat like marbles as small balls are rolled onto a playing field. Thus a good playing surface is a must when playing the game. So far they have come out with 3 different "Arenas ".

    Bakumat   Front Bakugan Battle Arenas

    The first arena in the Bakumat. This is more of a travel mat as it is a large disc that folds up for easy storage and comes in its own travel bag. This is available exclusively at Walmart and retails for $14.88

    Bakugan Battle Arena Bakugan Battle Arenas

    The next arena is the Bakugan Battle Arena. This is the main battle arena and is a large square playing field with some side barriers to keep the bakugan from rolling off of the playing surface. This is suitable for multiplayer games with a spot for upto 4 people to roll from. This retails for about $30. (pics coming soon )

    Bakubowl   Front Bakugan Battle Arenas

    The last arena just came out and is the Bakubowl. This is a large round playing field that has 4 "ramps" along the outside edges. This is basically the Bakumat ( with carrying case ) with the addition of the ramps. This new addition allows for some different rolling strategies as the bakugan can roll up the ramp and change direction back into the playing field. The ramps also double as bakugan and card holders ( each holds 6 bakugan and 10 cards ) This retails for $25.99.

    blog13 barena1 Bakugan Battle Arenas

    July-August 2010: The Gundalian Invaders Battle Arena is the newest, out with the third wave of Gundalian Invaders Bakugan products. The pack comes with the ff:

    4 base pieces
    4 ramps
    12 pegs
    12 rubber bands
    1 Gundalian Invaders Bakugan with a unique heat reveal DNA Code
    1 Gate card

    blog13 barena2 Bakugan Battle Arenas

    February-March 2011: The new Bakugan Battle Arena is the battle arena of the fourth season of Bakugan, Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. The Bakugan Battle Arena pack contains the following:

    4 Base Pieces
    4 Ramps
    10 Pegs
    7 Rubberbanks
    1 Folding Cardboard
    1 Bakugan

    MS Battle Arena Bakugan Battle Arenas

    Purchase Bakugan Arenas below.

    logo Bakugan Battle Arenas

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