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    bakubelt Bakugan Bakubelt and BakuclipsYou need a way to carry your bakugan into battle and the Bakugan Bakubelt solves this problem. The bakubelt is a Toys r Us exclusive and comes with a nylon webbing belt, one red bakuclip and 2 original sized bakugan ( one is exclusive to this set, translucent pyrus dragonoid, the other is a subterra gorem ). The bakuclips hold 3 bakugan and have a small clip so you can clip them onto a belt.

    New Bakubelt Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips This is the all new Bakubelt available exclusively at Toys R Us. it comes with a Black Darkus Bakuclip Nylon webbing belt, and 2 sized bakugan. the one bakuan is a ventus blade tigrerra. the othe ris exclusive to theis bakubelt and is a translucent aquos preyas diablo.B@

    The Bakuclips packages come with one bakuclip, one bakugan and one gate card and one ability card. There are 6 different bakuclip packages, one for each attribute. The color of the bakuclip matches the color of the bakugan ( attribute ). The pyrus ( red ) bakuclip comes with a dragonoid bakugan. The subterra ( brown/tan ) bakuclip comes with a griffon bakugan. The haos ( gray ) bakuclip comes with a laserman bakugan. The darkus ( black ) bakuclip comes with a robotallion bakugan. The aquos ( blue ) bakuclip comes with a falconeer bakugan. The ventus ( green ) bakuclip comes with a fear ripper bakugan. The bakuclip packages retail for $6.99.

    I have seen bakuclips that have come with different bakugan recently as well such as a darkus one with a dragonoid.

    NEW BAKUCLIPS There are new bakuclips that have just come out. These include B2 size Bakugan ( the older ones included the smaller 29mm original size bakugan ) . All of the bakugan had a g-power of 580. Also these bakuclips are translucent!

    New Darkus Bakuclip New Aquos Bakuclip
    Darkus New Bakuclip Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    Aquos New Bakuclip Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    New Haos Bakuclip New Pyrus Bakuclip
    Haos New Bakuclip Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    Pyrus New Bakuclip Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    New Ventus Bakuclip New Subterra Bakuclip
    Ventus New Bakuclip Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    comingsoon Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    Darkus Bakuclip Aquos Bakuclip
    Bakuclip   Darkus Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    Bakuclip   Aquos Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    Haos Bakuclip Subterra Bakuclip
    Bakuclip   Haos Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    Bakuclip   Subterra Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    Pyrus Bakuclip Ventus Bakuclip
    Bakuclip   Pyrus Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips
    Bakuclip   Ventus Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips

    Purchase your Bakubelt and Bakuclips below

    logo Bakugan Bakubelt and Bakuclips

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