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    Posted by: Anabelle in Bakugan Video Game, Battle Tactics , on June 17th, 2013

    I was amazed when I found out the site http://gamesetc.com/training-battle-bakugan.html  that lets you play the basic bakugan battle brawler. I think that this is a good support from the last article about learning the basic battle.

    Here are some scenes from the battle field.

    BAKUGANtrng start Bakugan Training Battle


    BAKUGANbrawler Bakugan Training Battle





    You've got to choose your favorite character.

    BakuganROLL Bakugan Training Battle

    I like Darkus so I choose it.

    BakuganRED Bakugan Training Battle

    Your opponent will fight it strongest Bakugan as well.

    gatecard Bakugan Training Battle

    Both gate cards will be computed.

    abilityCARD Bakugan Training Battle

    Also the ability card is measured up.

    bakuganWINNER Bakugan Training Battle

    And the winner is?...











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    Posted by: Anabelle in Bakugan BakuTech Manga, Battle Tactics , on June 03rd, 2013

    1. Gather all your Bakugan Battle Brawlers set.
    Also with you are pen and paper so that you can keep tab of the score during the match.


    bakugan Lets Master the Basic Techniques in Bakugan Battle Brawler


    2.Select three (3) Bakugan Battle Brawler capsule, three (3) gate cards and three (3) ability card.Gate cards and ability are both distinct with each other.  No problem in being confused.

    3.Remember these circles of colors and attributes of gate card.

    Red – Pyrus (Fire)

    Yellow – Haos (Light & Energy)

    Blue – Aquos (Water)

    Light Blue – Ventus (Wind)

    Brown – Subterra (Terrain)

    Black – Darkus (Darkness)


    gatecard Lets Master the Basic Techniques in Bakugan Battle Brawler


    4. Each player will now place each gate card in the center of the arena.
    The remaining two unused gate cards are placed face down in front of you.

    5. The two players will take turns in rolling their Bakugan brawler capsule on the gate cards.The battle begins when the two Bakugan will open at the same card.

    6. During the battle, will remove each Bakugan from the gate cards.
    Flip over the gate card to see the instructions and at this time they’re to use the ability card to win the round.

    7. Another determining factor is by looking at the colored circles matching it with their  Bakugan Brawler’s color to add more score or the G-power thus, win the round.
    In case of tied score, first player whose Bakugan Brawler landed on gate card will take the gate card.

    8. The next round begins with the same process.  Used Bakugan from previous round cannot be used again to other rounds.

    9. First player to win the three (3) gate cards is the winner.

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    Posted by: Admin in Battle Tactics , on October 31st, 2011

    battletacticslogo Battle Tactic #21: Guest Brawler Strategy #4 – October 2011

    battletactic mechtaviusdestroyer Battle Tactic #21: Guest Brawler Strategy #4 – October 2011October's Battle Tactic is from my.bakugan.com member and guest brawler startegist Gromit14. In his strategy, he included the Mechtavius Destroyer and how you can take victory with the new evil Mechtogan! Gromit14 gave step-by-step instructions in using this strategy for an impressive win on a brawl. He also included tips on how to adapt his strategy. This is an interesting read, guys, so be sure to try it!

    Here's what you will need for this strategy:

    Darkus Coredegon
    Darkus Mandibor
    Darkus Infinity Helios 650-1150g's
    Darkus Flash Ingram 920g's
    Any Darkus Baku Sky Raider + Baku Sky Raider Ability Card

    Coredegon Ability Card (blue)
    Mandibor Ability Card (green)
    Magnetic Action Ability Card (season 2 red Ability)

    Silver Lining Gate Card (silver)
    Dark Reflection Gate Card (Season 3 bronze Gate)
    Flash Ingram Gate Card (gold)

    Any two Silver Bakunanos (for example: Silver Bombaplode 80g's and Silver Hyperpulsor 70g's)
    Any Gold Bakunano (for example: Gold Bombaplode 80g's)


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    Posted by: Admin in Battle Tactics, Feature Article , on September 30th, 2011

    battletacticslogo Battle Tactic #20: Guest Brawler Strategy #3 – September 2011

    bakugan GI aquos glow Battle Tactic #20: Guest Brawler Strategy #3 – September 2011Before the month of September ends, we've got another Battle Tactics session with Guest Brawler Aquamentus. This time, we have a battle strategy for Aquos brawlers, a strategy that is called the Aquos "Full Silver Salvo" Strategy:

    Here's how the strategy works:

    - Silver Nugget (Gate card)
    - Quick Jump (Ability card, though any Blue Ability will work)
    - Any two Silver Bakunano (For this example, we'll use a Silver Bombaplode at 80G, and a Silver Hyper Pulsor at 70G)
    - Aquos Infinity Helios (700/800/850/1000/1050/1200G, set to 1200G)
    - Any Aquos Mechtogan (For this example, we'll use an Aquos Venexus Titan at 230G)

    While a fairly simplistic strategy, this is one of Aquos's lastest and most ruthless tactics that come in the first wave of Mechtanium Surge. Silver Nugget is a Silver Gate card that not only offers a 130 bonus to Aquos, but allows players with Aquos or Subterra Bakugan in battle to get a +100G bonus to each of their Bakunano. Now normally you should be careful with cards like this as your opponent could use its power against you, but on average, Aquos and Subterra are the least common attributes you will experience in the game, so you should be pretty safe from this strategy backfiring.

    Now the rest is simple. Load up your Mechtogan with Silver Bakunano, play your ability, and get a massive bonus. This strategy is amazing because one, it only requires two Bakunano, an Ability, and one support piece AND you get to reuse your Bakunano after the battle, and two, because this doesn't just give a big bonus. It will give you one of the biggest bonuses this game has ever seen:


    So even if you don't win the battle, your opponent will practically empty out their unused pile catching up with you, leaving the rest of the game for you to hit them while they're left with nothing to fight back. And all you did was play a support piece, one Ability, and some Nano. Simple, effective, conservative, and devastating. Everything a good Aquos brawler needs to win.


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    Posted by: maryann in Battle Tactics , on August 26th, 2011

    battletacticslogo Battle Tactic #19: Guest Brawler Strategy #2 – August 2011

    This month's Battle Tactic strategy is shared by My.Bakugan.com member haosmaster001, and uses the following Bakugan and cards:

    Baku Sky Raider: Haos Jaakor 910 G-Power
    Baku Sky Raider: Haos Skytruss 900 G-Power
    Mechtogan: Haos Venexus 170 G-Power

    Gold Hyper Pulsor +70 G-Power
    Silver CrosStriker +70 G-Power
    Copper Bombaplode +80 G-Power

    Gate Cards
    Gold Waterlogged
    Silver The Spires
    Copper Tri-Color Boot

    Ability Cards
    Blue Late Sunrise
    Green Sun-Power Boost
    Red Try Again

    Here's how this Battle Tactic goes:

    Start by Setting Waterlogged. Stand Skytruss on your Gate, and your opponent will almost automatically win, because they gain the bonus two more times. Let your opponent win, so that their Bakugan lose 100 Gs.

    Then, set The Spires. Haos has the second highest Attribute Bonus, (at 110) having a Bonus at least 40 G-Power higher then the other bonus, except Ventus, which is 40 Gs higher. Stand Jaakor. With a weakened opponent, you'll probably win. If you are losing, try to use Sun-Power Boost to win. If that won't work, try Activating Venexus and equipping with CrosStriker, for a total of (910 + 110 + 300 OR 910 + 110 + 170 + 70) 1,320 OR 1,260 G-Power!

    Finally, Set Tri-Color Boot and Stand either Bakugan. If your opponent also Stands on that Gate, brawl, and you'll have at least 1,150 Gs, because the Haos Attribute Bonus is 250 G-Power. If you rolled all your Bakugan into the Used Pile, then all of them should come back, including your Mechtogan. Use Venexus and equip with Bombaplode for 250 more G-Power. If you stood Jaakor, then you should have 1,410 G-Power, and win.



    logo Battle Tactic #19: Guest Brawler Strategy #2 – August 2011

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