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  • Posted by: Anabelle in Bakugan BakuTech Manga, Battle Tactics , on June 03rd, 2013

    1. Gather all your Bakugan Battle Brawlers set.
    Also with you are pen and paper so that you can keep tab of the score during the match.


    bakugan Lets Master the Basic Techniques in Bakugan Battle Brawler


    2.Select three (3) Bakugan Battle Brawler capsule, three (3) gate cards and three (3) ability card.Gate cards and ability are both distinct with each other.  No problem in being confused.

    3.Remember these circles of colors and attributes of gate card.

    Red – Pyrus (Fire)

    Yellow – Haos (Light & Energy)

    Blue – Aquos (Water)

    Light Blue – Ventus (Wind)

    Brown – Subterra (Terrain)

    Black – Darkus (Darkness)


    gatecard Lets Master the Basic Techniques in Bakugan Battle Brawler


    4. Each player will now place each gate card in the center of the arena.
    The remaining two unused gate cards are placed face down in front of you.

    5. The two players will take turns in rolling their Bakugan brawler capsule on the gate cards.The battle begins when the two Bakugan will open at the same card.

    6. During the battle, will remove each Bakugan from the gate cards.
    Flip over the gate card to see the instructions and at this time they’re to use the ability card to win the round.

    7. Another determining factor is by looking at the colored circles matching it with their  Bakugan Brawler’s color to add more score or the G-power thus, win the round.
    In case of tied score, first player whose Bakugan Brawler landed on gate card will take the gate card.

    8. The next round begins with the same process.  Used Bakugan from previous round cannot be used again to other rounds.

    9. First player to win the three (3) gate cards is the winner.

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