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  • Mechtavius Destroyer

    battletactic mechtaviusdestroyer Mechtavius Destroyer

    The Mechtavius Destroyer is a Mechtogan Destroyer, and is composed of four evil Mechtogans who came from the Doom Dimension. Mechtogans Coredegon, Slycerak, Mandibor, and Exostriker combine to form this ultimate destroyer of the anatagonists in the fourth season of the Bakugan series. Coredegon is the main Mechtogan, with Exostriker and Mandibor providing power boost on the legs, and Slycerak as a power boost on the right arm.

    The Mechtavius Destroyer pack includes the following:

    4 Mechtogan (Coredegon, Mandibor, Exostriker, and Slycerak)
    4 Ability Cards
    1 Activator Card

    mechtavius destroyer pack Mechtavius Destroyer
    Thanks to Bakugan Wikia for the image.

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