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  • Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs

    These Packs come exclusively from target and are modeled after characters in the New VEstroia Show. Each Pack contains one Bakugan and One Trap. They retail for about $11.99. I have personally seen 4 different ones here and have seen a fifth version on ebay. We have Dans, Miras, Maruchos and Spectras. On ebay i have seen Lync's.

    Lync's contains Altair and Wired ( which are actually 2 Bakugan ) and they combine to form Meta Altair. Dan's contains Scorpion and Neo Dragonoid. Mira's Contains Wilda and Baliton. Marucho's contains Tripod Epsilon Trap and Elfin. Spectra's contains Helios and Metalfencer and they combine together as well. Spectras i have seen in Pyrus and Haos. Mira's I have seen in Subterra and Pyrus. Marucho's I have seen in Aquos and Ventus. Lync's i have only seen in Pyrus. Dan's i have seen in Pyrus and in Darkus.

    Also of interest is that the traps included so far have been different versions than the retail versions meaning that they reveal different attributes than the ones originally released for retail.

     Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs

     Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs  Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs
     Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs  Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs

    Gundalian Invaders Combat Set Packs

    The third season also brought out a set of combat set packs. The latest four packs just came out last month, July 2010. To date, not all of the main characters in the Gundalian Invaders series has a combat set of his/her own yet. Presently there are only the following (with the packs also containing a metal gate card and a battle gear reference card):

    Dan's : Helix Dragonoid with Jetkor
    Jake's : Coredem with Rock Hammer
    Airzel's : Strikeflier with Battle Turbine
    Emperor Barodius' : Dharak with Airkor
    Nurzak's : Sabator with Chompixx
    Fabia's : Aranaut with Battle Crusher
    Ren's : Linehalt with Boomix
    Lena's : Phosphos with Terrorcrest
    Sid's : Rubanoid with Destrakon Gear

    Fabia's combat set Ren's combat set
    Fabia Combat Set Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs Ren Combat Set Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs
    Nurzak's combat set Lena's combat set
    Nurzak Combat Set Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs Lena Combat Set Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs

    Purchase Target Combat Set Packs Below.

    logo Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs

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    24 Responses to “Target Exclusive Combat Set Packs”
    1. I saw a Aquos Lync’s combat set at target. It had an Aquos wired and an Aquos Altair.

    2. I saw Dan’s combat set in subterra at WALMART they must have it there too, or maybe that’s just in canada….

    3. fun in the sun

    4. I found an aquos newer dans battle set with fire scorpion

    5. I bought the Dan one in Darkus and the Lync one in Pyrus and I love my Meta Altair 1270gs

    6. I bought ace’s combat set, it was Darkus and Falconfly rules!!!!!!!

    7. i found a mixed pack with a haos metal fencer and a pyrus helios in one set

    8. i got a fire scorpion combat set it is so awsome thx for giving info about the new combat sets you guy s rock and also ultra dragonoid combines with maxus bakugan traps

    9. i havent got one yet but i am very soon

    10. i rlly want a fire scorpion paack target’s in texas austin haven’t got the new combat sets

    11. where did you get it?

    12. where do u get ace’s combat set in darkus??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    13. hunter just buy a darkus percival and a darkus falcon fly.

    14. i have every combat set thank you for the tips and info i really thank you because without you i would of never found them

    15.   Preyas II says: February 22nd, 2010 at 12:45 pm


    16.   Preyas II says: February 22nd, 2010 at 12:47 pm


    17. i got about three combat sets dan’s,spectra’s and
      shadow probe’s i bought spectra’s and shadow’s
      seprately i really want ace’s and the new dan’s

    18. im famous

    19.   stevie says: March 10th, 2010 at 6:50 pm

      i have all of them but they are new i got them yesterday

    20. uh?? diablo52021 why did you say “im famous”

    21.   stevie says: March 19th, 2010 at 5:35 am

      he is not trust me

    22. I got all four gundalian invaders combat sets from target. They are awesome! The Helix Dragonoid one is the best one for sure.

    23.   Michele says: March 21st, 2010 at 3:22 pm

      My son got a Baliton which can be combined with Wilda, but he is having difficulties. Can you demonstrate how to combine these two?

    24.   Spladoogle says: March 25th, 2010 at 12:53 pm

      Baliton and Wilda do not combine. Only Lync’s, Spectra’s, and all the Gundalian ones do (but people have found ways to combine other combat sets).