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  • Sabator Bakugan

    The Sabator is one of the Bakugan to be featured in the next Bakugan season, Gundalian Invaders.

    Sabator partners with Nurzak of the ‘Twelve Orders'. A power fighter, he manipulates the energy of the ground and unleashes attacks from every which way. He spins the drills on his shoulders and charges at his opponent. Sabator is a bit of a wild one that enjoys taking risks.

    BK Sabator Sabator Bakugan

    Closed Ball Form
    comingsoon Sabator Bakugan
    Card Appearance
    30a Earthquake Stomp 762x1024 Sabator Bakugan

    Pyrus Version Aquos Version
    comingsoon Sabator Bakugan comingsoon Sabator Bakugan
    Haos Version Darkus Version
    comingsoon Sabator Bakugan comingsoon Sabator Bakugan
    Subterra Version Ventus Version
    finds Sabator Sabator Bakugan comingsoon Sabator Bakugan

    Special Treatments

    Special Treatment Version Special Treatment Version
    comingsoon Sabator Bakugan comingsoon Sabator Bakugan

    Purchase Sabator Bakugan below.

    logo Sabator Bakugan

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    11 Responses to “Sabator Bakugan”
    1. sabotor looks the coolest i want it in darkus

    2. is sabator a bull-type bakugan?

    3. maybe turbine the world may never no.well,i mean it might be at bull but in the picture,it looks like a dog.

    4. i want it in haos or pyrus

    5. gigidi i think that haos will be the most coolest attribute for him :)

    6. it would look sooooo cool XD

    7.   Bakuganltl says: February 23rd, 2010 at 7:45 am

      Sabator is lame:(


    9. if your in Texas US you should get this and show it t your bull at a bull oction

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