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    Bakugan Starter Packs contain 3 Bakugan marbles, 3 gate cards and 3 ability cards. They retail between $10-14. The assortment is usually random with one marble being closed and a mystery as to its type. Of the two Bakugan that are open/transformed usually just one will have its G power revealed. All these are necessary to get you started with your first Bakugan battle with other players, so this is surely the first set to buy when you have just joined. Here is a list of all the series that has released Starter Packs so far:

    Original Series:

    1. Bakugan Original Series 1 Packs
    2. Bakugan Original Series 2 Packs

    B2 Series:

    1. Bakugan BakuPearl Packs
    2. Bakugan BakuClear Packs
    3. Bakugan BakuSwap Packs
    4. Bakugan BakuNeon Packs
    5. Bakugan BakuBronze Packs
    6. Bakugan BakuGlow Starter Pack
    7. Bakugan BakuSteel Packs

    B3 Series:

    1. Bakugan BakuCore Packs
    2. Bakugan BakuFlip Packs
    3. Bakugan BakuSteel Packs
    4. Bakugan BakuNeon Packs
    5. Bakugan BakuCrystal Packs
    6. Bakugan BakuLyte Packs
    7. Bakugan BakuFrost Packs
    8. Bakugan BakuSolar Packs

    Gundalian Invaders

    1. BakuTriad

    StarterPack 300x299 Bakugan Starter Packs

    Starter packs have been the introductory packs of each series. This was so with the original Bakugan series 1 and 2, and so it goes on with the succeeding series. The Bakugan balls in the packs used to be 28mm in diameter. But starting with the BakuPearl series, the balls became bigger, sized up to 32mm in diameter. This was the start of the B2 series, B2 meaning "Bigger Brawlers."

    Original Series 1 Starter Pack
    Series 1 Ventus Starter Pack Bakugan Starter Packs
    Original Series 2 Starter Pack
    Bakugan Starter Pack   Series 2 Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuPearl Starter Pack
    Bakupearl starter Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuClear Starter Pack
    Bakuclear starter Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuSwap Starter Pack
    Bakuswap starter Bakugan Starter Packs

    Since 2008, more Bakugan starter packs were released. The new packs introduced the Bakugan from the second anime series, Bakugan: New Vestroia. The packs are labeled by series on the left side of the pack.

    BakuNeon Starter Pack
    BakuNeon StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuBronze Starter Pack
    BakuBronze StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuGlow Starter Pack
    BakuGlow StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuSteel Starter Pack
    BakuSteel StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs

    The B3 Series came out with the next set after the BakuSteel series. The B3 series brought about starter packs that had different packaging for specific kinds of Bakugan. The names of the B3 series highlighted the different kinds of Bakugan. The BakuCore series, for example, include only regular Bakugan, the B3 BakuSteel series only Steel Bakugan, and the BakuCrystal series only Crystal Bakugan. You can tell the difference between the B2 BakuSteel and BakuNeon series and the B3 BakuSteel and BakuNeon series through their packaging.

    BakuCore Starter Pack BakuFlip Starter Pack
    BakuCore StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs BakuFlip StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuSteel Starter Pack BakuNeon Starter Pack
    B3BakuSteel StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs B3BakuNeon StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuCrystal Starter Pack BakuLyte Starter Pack
    BakuCrystal StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs BakuLyte StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs
    BakuFrost Starter Pack BakuSolar Starter Pack
    BakuFrost StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs BakuSolar StarterPack Bakugan Starter Packs

    Season 3 - Gundalian Invaders BakuTriad

    The most recent Starter Pack is the BakuTriad, the starter pack of the Gundalian Invaders series. The pack still contains the usual 3 Bakugan balls, 3 Ability Cards, and 3 Metal Gate Cards. But there was a change in the design of the pack. From blue, the pack now is colored black with red and white letters.

    6014112 Bakugan Triad Pkg1 300x300 Bakugan Starter Packs

    Season 4 - Mechtanium Surge BakuTrinity

    The BakuTrinity is the starter pack of the fourth season of the Bakugan series, Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. The color theme of the packaging was changed back to the blue-dominant one like the packs of seasons 1 and 2.

    bakutrinity Bakugan Starter Packs

    You can then add to your starter pack the Bakugan Battle Packs and Bakugan Booster Packs to get you more into the game! These Bakugan packs will be your start in collecting more Bakugan and playing like a Bakugan Battle Brawler. Find out more on how to get started and how to play Bakugan.

    Below you can purchase your Bakugan Starter Packs.

    logo Bakugan Starter Packs

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