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  • Special Evolution Bakugan

    Special Evolution Bakugan are the evolved form of the original Bakugan. Presently, there are three:

    Quake Dragonoid ---> evolved form of Dragonoid

    Special Evolution Bakugan In Battle

    Special Evolution Bakugan are not initially included in a player's used or unused pile. You can use them from your collection even if they are not currently included in the game. There are two conditions to follow before we can use Special Evolution Bakugan in our game:

    1. The Power Level of the game must be at least equal to the Power Level on the card.
    2. You must have a Bakugan in your used or unused pile from which your Bakugan evolves (refer to the reference card).

    Once you've met these conditions, skip a turn first and then swap your Bakugan in play (one that it evolves from) with the Special Evolution Bakugan.

    You are allowed to have all three of your Bakugan evolve into its Special Evolution form, just as long as you have accomplished the conditions stated above. You have to be conscious of your turns though. You are only allowed to have one Bakugan evolve per turn. You cannot have all three Bakugan evolve in one turn only.

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