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  • Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    There are six attributes of bakugan. Each attribute is usually associated with one color as well. There are exceptions to this rules but for the most part the six attributes relate to six colors as detailed below. The symbols shown represent that particular attribute. When in doubt, the symbol is ALWAYS right, regardless of color.

    Pyrus - Red

    pyrus symbol Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    Pyrus can be found at the inner core of the Universe and is inhabited by Bakugans who draw their strength from the excruciating heat that surrounds them. It is within these deep recesses of molten rock that their intensity is forged. Never one to waste even a second, the Pyrus blitz their enemies from every angle like a raging firestorm. Pyrus is sometimes referred to as "Nova" ( especially on ebay )

    Aquos - Blue

    Aquos symbol Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    Buried deep below a blanket of dark waters, a deceiving air of tranquility fills Aquos. On the surface all appears calm and still, but in that silence lurk deadly warriors, proficient in all saturated environments. Aquos Bakugan seamlessly glide from one attack position to the next, constantly preparing for their moment of glory.Aquos is sometimes referred to as "Aqua". (especially on ebay)

    Subterra - Brown/Tan

    subterra symbol Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    Subterra's rugged exterior prepares its Bakugans for the hard and cruel Universe that awaits them. Dividing their time above and below ground, the Subterra Bakugan perfect their craft of combat with a highly intense level of enthusiasm. They are one with the land in which they live and their Battle style suggests nothing to the contrary.

    Darkus - Black

    darkus symbol Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    Darkus is located on the Dark Hemisphere of the Universe and is home to Bakugans who are grandmasters in night fighting and causing destruction. Years of study and intense training have allowed the Darkus Bakugans to thrive in Battles hidden deep in the shadows of the night. It is within these shadows that the Darkus Bakugans grow in strength. Darkus is sometimes referred to as "Darkon". ( especially on ebay )

    Haos - Silver/Grey

    haos symbol Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    Haos' skies shine bright, leaving a lasting effect on even the most protected eyes. A mystic aura emanates from the planet. A colossal source of power is the center of the planet, which draws energy from all matters of light. It is under this mass of activity that the Haos Bakugans have discovered the mythical ability to control and manipulate light and energy. Haos is sometimes referred to as "Luminoz". ( especially on ebay )

    Ventus - Green

    Ventus symbol Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    The planet of Ventus is swift and silent yet within its borders lurks a vicious cycle that overwhelms intruders and punishes them for trespassing. The Ventus Bakugans are fast and powerful like hurricane winds. Once their enemies get caught in the eye of the storm, they are defenseless to the Ventus' wrath. Ventus is sometimes referred to as "Zephyroz". (especially on ebay)

    Bakugan Battle Gear Attributes

    The Battle Gears, introduced and released in March 2010, follow a different set of attributes. Their colors are either white, red, green, or tan/brown, but it is their attributes that hold more significance when in play. There are only three Battle Gear attributes:

    Gold Attribute Silver Attribute Copper Attribute
    Gold Bakugan Attributes/Colors Silver Bakugan Attributes/Colors Copper Bakugan Attributes/Colors
    Looks like a target,
    or crosshair
    Looks like a missle,
    or triangle
    Looks like
    a cat’s eye

    More Colors and Special Treatments

    In addition to the six main attribute colors, bakugan have come in some special colors as well.

    Clear Attribute
    cleartigrerra Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    There are totally clear bakugan with no symbols. During gameplay, these bakugan gain the attribute of the bakugan it is facing. If your opponents bakugan is clear as well then you get to choose which attribute to use.

    Reverse Attribute
    reverse color darkus hydranoid Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    Another bakugan color type is reverse attribute colors. For example, darkus bakugan are mainly black and have purple highlights. Well a reverse attribute color one would be purple in color with black highlights.

    Pearl Attribute
    pearl fear ripper Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    There are also white/pearl colored bakugan that are highlighted in the color of the attribute they represent ( plus they have the appropriate symbol ).

    Clear with Highlight
    clear darkus hydranoid Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    Another color type is clear as well but highlighted in the color of the attribute they represent ( these also have the appropriate attribute symbol ).

    translucent pyrus centipoid Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    There are translucent bakugan colors where it is the correct color for the attribute but it is translucent or see through.

    Dual Attribute
    dual attribute ClayF Bakugan Attributes/Colors

    And finally there are now dual attribute bakugan which include no symbols but are made up of two different main attribute colors. The bakugan gain the attributes of both colors it has.

    logo Bakugan Attributes/Colors

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