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    Bear this in mind first: The Bakugan BakuTech series is only sold in Japan!

    The BakuTech series, or the Bakugan Technical series, is like the Japanese version of the Bakugan Special Attack or Bakugan Super Assault. The BakuTech's special feature is its convert system, which means we can swap parts of the BakuTech Bakugan with another BakuTech Bakugan. The two parts of the BakuTech Bakugan that can be swapped are called the Cross and the Sole. The Cross seems to be part of the Bakugan's armor while the Sole is part of the Bakugan's feet.

    There are some BakuTech Bakugan that have already been introduced worldwide as part of the Bakugan series, such as the Mystic Elico and Angelo/Diablo Preyas. But there are new ones as well, and they've got cool designs and are equipped with the convert system.

    Here are a couple of the new BakuTech Bakugan out on the Japanese market:

    Pyrus Flare Dragaon Darkus Death Munikis
    bakutech flaredragaon 300x249 Bakugan BakuTech Series bakutech deathmunikis Bakugan BakuTech Series
    Haos Kilan Leoness Ventus Van Falco
    bakutech kilanleoness Bakugan BakuTech Series bakutech vanfalco 300x300 Bakugan BakuTech Series
    Darkus Geo Sivak / Dio Sivak Aquos Saint Aquas
    bakutech geosivak 300x232 Bakugan BakuTech Series bakutech saintaquas 300x209 Bakugan BakuTech Series
    Subterra Gran Panzer Haos Gigan Taures
    bakutech granpanzer Bakugan BakuTech Series bakutech gigan taures Bakugan BakuTech Series
    Haos Blan Shoult Subterra Zak Jaguard
    bakutech blan shoult Bakugan BakuTech Series bakutech zak jaguard 300x273 Bakugan BakuTech Series
    Darkus Bone Sculls Subterra Gavli Anacon
    bakutech bone sculls Bakugan BakuTech Series bakutech gavli anacon 300x139 Bakugan BakuTech Series
    Pyrus Hammer Cannon Aquos Killer Volca
    bakutech hammer cannon 300x279 Bakugan BakuTech Series bakutech killer volca 300x228 Bakugan BakuTech Series

    Some of the BakuTech are mostly Special Attack Bakugan that have been improvised and packaged differently:

    Delta Dragonoid
    Infinity Dragonoid
    Alpha Hydranoid
    Angelo/Diablo Preyas
    Mystic Elico
    Orbit Helios

    There was also a Gold Dragon set and a Silver Dragon set released, filled with three BakuTech each with either gold or silver colors. The Gold Dragon Perfect Stand Set consists of the BakuTechs Flare Dragaon, Kilan Leoness, and Gran Panzer. The Silver Dragon Battle Master Set consists of Flare Dragaon, Destroy Munikis, and Van Falco.

    Gold Dragon Perfect Stand Set
    bakutech golddragonset 300x300 Bakugan BakuTech Seriesbakutech goldpack 300x282 Bakugan BakuTech Series
    Silver Dragon Battle Master Set
    bakutech silverdragonset 300x300 Bakugan BakuTech Seriesbakutech silverpack 300x283 Bakugan BakuTech Series

    Thanks to Bakugan Wikia for the images.

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