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  • Dharak Colossus

    Dharak Colossus is Dharak's mobile assault vehicle, or ultimate weapon. It is a combination of battle gears, forming a scorpion-like machine that boosts Dharak's attack power. It can be seen in the season 3 anime series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders, in episode 14 entitled "The Sacred Orb." It was the one that destroyed the second shield of Neathia with just one attack.

    Dharak Colossus is an evil and violent Bakugan monster with unthinkable power. Features two massive claws and a giant scorpion tail that can each launch devastating attacks of Darkus energy.

    EX Dharak Colossus Dharak Colossus

    The Dharak Colossus is an exclusive Bakugan, and was initially released by Toys R Us. It contains the following:

    1 Bakugan -- Brawlacus Dharak
    2 Battle Gears -- Smashtor and Riptor
    1 Transformation Hub - Exokor
    2 Ability Cards
    1 Metal Gate Card

    How To Assemble the Dharak Colossus

    1. Attach the Smashtor and the Riptor. Then deploy the feet.
    2. Push the button to deploy the tail.
    3. Drop Brawlacus Dharak and then lights on!

    Dharak Colossus pack Dharak Colossus

    Dharak Colossus Dharak Colossus

    Dharak Colossus In Battle

    As a whole, Dharak Colossus CANNOT be used in actual battle. However, we can use Brawlacus Dharak and the battle gears individually as regular Bakugan in a battle. And while they each have their own G-Power, Dharak Colossus does not.

    Dharak Colossus as a whole and the Bakugan and Battle Gears as individuals have their own unique DNA Codes you can use to upload them and add to your online collection. You can also use them in your brawls online.

    Purchase Dharak Colossus Below.

    logo Dharak Colossus

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