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    Posted by: Frank in BakuBlog , on May 25th, 2014
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    Posted by: Anabelle in BakuBlog , on August 30th, 2012

    Its tough to look for credible users that are using Bakugan on Facebook.

    Luckily,  I found one that looks good to me after following them for few months.

    You can actually rely on the information this guys are posting.

    Even the followers are credible in their words.

    Bakugan FB Bakugan Active on Facebook


    Start building Bakugan Battle Brawler friends on facebook tru this group. And maybe you'll find here the lacking collection you desperately want to add to your toys.


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    Posted by: bakuganbuzz in BakuBlog, Bakugan News, Uncategorized , on May 29th, 2011

    What if you could be a “product tester” for Spin Master?  What would you change about Bakugan, if anything?  How would you make the products better?  Would you add new features or make up new rules to the game?  How might you change the way they market Bakugan? Maybe you even have a new idea for a marble or a spin-off series.

    Bandai, makers of Ben 10, Power Rangers, and Harumika, has done just that.  They recently held a contest and from the entries chose 8-year-old James Childs to join their toy testing team.  Check out his first review found on YouTube:

    Okay, he’s just a little guy, but what a great job anyway.  He is the first to try out the new products, he gets to keep the duplicates, and many of the new toys are donated to his local children’s hospital.

    So, here’s your chance to share your new ideas with Spin Master.  It’s buried a little deep, but you can submit your inventions to Spin Master through the website.  You do have to be over the age 18 to submit, so if you’re not, get an adult to help out.  Visit the Spin Master website, www.spinmaster.com.  Select Company at the top of the page.  Under About Us choose Company Contacts.  In this pop-up scroll down until you see Inventors.  Just follow that link until you get to the submission form.  Read the fine print- there’s not much- and submit your idea.  The idea doesn’t even have to be a new Bakugan idea.  Maybe you have something completely different in mind.  Never know where it might lead!

    Posted by: bakuganbuzz in BakuBlog, Bakugan News, Industry News , on May 17th, 2011

    I’m sure you have heard of the recent tsunami and quake that rocked Japan. It has devastated many lives, families, and homes.  As you can imagine, it’s really hard on the kids.  Talk about having your whole world turned upside down!  In response to the devastating experience, TMS Entertainment of Japan recently streamed four family and children’s movies free, including Bakugan Brawlers.

    Taking the aid for quake relief in Japan a step further, Spin Master is donating $100,000 to help bring aid and comfort to the victims of the Japan earthquake.  The money is being donated through Red Cross and Israel’s Forum for International Humanitarian Aid, IsraAID.  Spin Master works with Japan Vistec on the Bakugan brand.

    How can you help with the ongoing rescue and restoration efforts in Japan?

    • You can donate through such sites as American Red Cross or Kids In Distressed Situations (kidsdonations.org)
    • Hold a fundraiser at your school, church, or neighborhood
    • Sell a few collectible Bakugans and donate the money to help

      spin master Spin Master Helps Japan Quake Victims

      Spin Master Logo

    Posted by: maryann in BakuBlog , on December 17th, 2010

    Bakugan's BakuBlog

    Get your bowl full of exclusive Bakugan insider information.
    It's an excellent source of your weekly news nutrition!

    bakublog BakuBlog   Issue #34 December 10: Best of BakuBlog 2010

    Issue #34 – December 2010
    Best of BakuBlog 2010

    Bakublog looks back to its memorable posts throughout the year 2010..

    Issue #1 - Bakugan Dimensions Character Creation
    The first issue of the BakuBlog broke new ground and brought you an inside sneak peak of the online world of Bakugan Dimensions with a quick rundown of the in-game Character Creation.

    Issue #7 - Exclusive Interview with jdshoneybrown7
    Bakugan takes pride in its online community and featured one of the most passionate community members in 2010, jdshoneybrown7. The Bakugan community has grown and become a place where brawlers can share their love for Bakugan at My.Bakugan.com.

    Issue #10 - How a Bakugan is Made
    The BakuBlog went behind the scenes to bring you the exclusive step-by-step process of how Bakugan are made from start to finish in this issue.

    Issue #12 - BakuTin Unboxing
    Issue #12 featured an unboxing of a Pyrus BakuTin, which comes with one Bakugan, one Battle Gear, two Battle Gear Reference Cards, Three Ability Cards and Five Gate Cards in a collectible tin, a must have for your ar.senal.

    Issue #15 - Deluxe Battle Gear
    Lighting up the battle field in this BakuBlog are Deluxe Battle Gear, which will dazzle your opponents and help you claim your next victory.

    Issue #21 - Dragonoid Colossus
    The first in a 3 part series, this issue of the BakuBlog featured a sneak peak of the ultimate Bakugan monster, Dragonoid Colossus and its exclusive Bakugan and Battle Gear!

    Issue #24 - Bakugan Mobile Assault

    Rolling out your Bakugan to the battlefield in a whole new way are Bakugan Mobile Assault. This feature takes a quick look at this new element in battle.

    Issue #25 - Interview with a Dragonoid Colossus Designer
    Dragonoid Colossus is the ultimate Bakugan monster and we just had to find out what it took to create this beast and bring it straight to you.

    Issue #31 - Bakugan Gives Thanks to Season 3 and Beyond

    Season 3 has brought a slew of new elements to the battlefield and the best highlights were featured in this issue.