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    Hydranoid Deka   Aquos Bakugan Dekas

    The Bakugan Dekas are large versions of the bakugan marbles. The dekas are 3.25" in size which is about the size of a softball. The package also includes one metal Gate card. So far i have seen them in just a few bakugan types... Dragonoid, Juggernoid, Hydranoid, Saurus, Fear Ripper, Tigrerra, Skyress and Preyas. In addition they can come in any attributes/colors as well as translucent versions and pearl white versions.

    There have been several new waves of dekas being released. Laserman, Mantris, Serpenoid, Gorem, Siege, Falconeer, Percival, Nemus, Brontes, Neo Dragonoid, Midnight Percival, Pyro Dragonoid, Wilda, Dual Elfin. ( if you know of any more please email me Admin[at]bakuganbuzz.com - please include a pic for the site if possible )

    Due to there large size, they are not suitable for gameplay.

    Juggernoid Deka - Aquos Dragonoid Deka - Pyrus
    Deka   Aquos Bakugan Dekas Deka   Pyrus Bakugan Dekas
    Juggernoid Deka - Ventus Hydranoid Deka - Aquos
    Deka   Translucent Ventus Bakugan Dekas Deka   Aquos Hydranoid Bakugan Dekas
    Dual Elfin Deka - Aquos Wilda Deka - Ventus
    Dual Elfin Deka   Aquos Bakugan Dekas Wilda Deka   Ventus Bakugan Dekas
    Wilda Deka - Subterra
    Wilda Deka   Subterra Bakugan Dekas  Bakugan Dekas

    Gundalian Invaders Deka Bakugan

    blog16 deka4 Bakugan Dekas

    July-August 2010: The newest season also brought the Gundalian Invaders Deka Bakugan. And it's not just the Bakugan that is getting super-sized. There is also the Deka Bakugan Battle Gear which can be geared up on a Deka Bakugan!

    Bakugan Deka Bakugan Dekasblog16 deka2 Bakugan Dekas

    Dharak with Airkor Dekas Linehalt with Destrakon Gear Dekas
    blog16 deka3 Bakugan Dekas destrakon onLinehalt Bakugan Dekas
    Rubanoid with Destrakon Gear Dekas Lumino Dragonoid with Jetkor Dekas
    Rubanoid Destrakon Bakugan Dekas deka drago jetkor Bakugan Dekas

    *credits to Bakugan.wikia.com for the images

    Purchase your Deka Bakugan Below

    logo Bakugan Dekas

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