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    I see a lot of the same questions being asked over and over so I thought I would start a FAQ section where I could keep an up to date list of answers for the most asked questions. If you have a question that you can't find an answer to, send an email to admin@bakuganbuzz .com ( remove the space ).

    What is the highest G-power a Bakugan can have? The current highest G-power is 720g. The Haos Mega Nemus has been found with 720g and so has the Angelo side of the Subterra Preyas 2.

    Where can I buy Bakugan at? They never seem to be at any stores near me. Locally, Target and ToysRus have been the best. Walmart and Walgreens have had some as well. If you strike out locally you can purchase Bakugan right from here on www.BakuganBuzz.com. If you want sealed retail items just go to the appropriate page and at the bottom are the items for sale. If you are wanting individual Bakugan, go to the Bakugan Types page and then select the type your interested in. At the bottom of that page will be the Bakugan for sale.

    What is the rarest bakugan? There really are no rare Bakugan. Some Bakugan are just harder to find in certain areas and are more plentiful in others. There are however ones that are more sought after. These include versions that are pearl white, clear, translucent or dual attribute. Also Bakugan that are of the highest "legit" g-power are always sought after as well.

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