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    Occasions like Halloween and costume parties are times where we can get to dress up as our favorite Bakugan heroes. We created this page so that you guys can take a look at the Bakugan costumes available online. Just click on either the picture or the product title to get to the site where you can directly buy the costume.

    There are only three Bakugan costumes as of now. Dan's outfit (from season 1) has already been around the online stores for a long time now. Shun's outift (from season 1) and the Dragonoid costume went out about a month ago. Anytime you're looking for a good deal on these costumes check out Bakugan Coupons here!

    DI50539 Bakugan Costumes Bakugan Costumes Child Bakugans Dan Costume Bakugan Costumes

    This officially licensed product is inspired by the Japanese animated television series Bakugan Battle Brawler, the Child Bakugan’s Dan Costume. Your little martial artists will adore this costume that includes a red, yellow, and blue jumpsuit with an attached jacket and fingerless gloves. The Bakugan Dan costume for children is available in sizes small, medium, and large, and will fit most children comfortably. This unique costume idea is perfect for children’s birthday parties, school parties, theme parties, and is perfect for night of trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

     Bakugan Costumes


    DI11537 Bakugan Costumes Bakugan Costumes Boys Bakugan Battle Brawlers Shun Costume Bakugan Costumes

    Bakugan is a popular Japanese action adventure anime series and video game that is very appealing to young boys. It takes them on adventures in other worlds, fighting aliens and keeping the world a safe place in which to live. Bakugan Battle Brawling is a type of Ninjitsu style practiced by Bakugan. Shun is a great battler and goes to school with Bakugan Dan. The Boys Bakugan Battle Brawlers Shun Costume features a brown and gray jumpsuit with an attached purple jacket and a pair of fingerless gloves with a wrist band and a fabric watch. The Bakugan cards and spheres shown are not included with the costume. Become Shun for Halloween and help him fight against the alien nations who are trying to destroy planet Neathia as well as earth.

     Bakugan Costumes


    DI11540 Bakugan Costumes Bakugan Costumes Boys Bakugan Battle Brawlers Dragonoid Costume Bakugan Costumes

    Dragonoid is the most powerful Bakugan of them all. His is the leader of the Bakugan and the most powerful species on the planet Vestroia. Just like the fire breathing dragons in Medieval times, Dragonoid has the ability to emit incinerating heat as his primary form of battle defense. While not being as agile as other Bakugan, Dragonoid has superior intelligence and power. The Boys Bakugan Battle Brawlers Dragonoid Costume features a red and gold jumpsuit with 3 dimensional foam shoulder armor, detachable wings and a fully detailed plastic character mask. If your son is a fan of the Bakugan Japanese action adventure anime and a collector of the Bakugan cards he will love this licensed costume based on this very popular and important Bakugan character.

     Bakugan Costumes



    Purchase Bakugan Costumes Below.

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