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    Posted by: Frank in Feature Article , on June 29th, 2014

    new vestroia logo Bakuganbuzz Exclusive: Bakugan  The New Vestroia!

    Season Overview:

    Welcome to Bakugan Season 2: The New Vestroia!

    Right after defeating Masquerade in a fierce brawl between Drago and Alpha Hydranoid to save Vestroia from total destruction -Vestroia is facing yet again another danger in the hands of the alien race -Vestals, headed by King Zenoheld and his team of ferocious brawlers called the Vexos. The Vestals have constructed dimension controllers around the New Vestroia that rendered all the Bakugan helpless in their ball forms. In addition to that an evil scientist called Professor Clay have initiated tests to create mechanical bakugan that has no weakness at all. Using all his might, can Dan and his newly found team known as Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance defeat these evil forces to free all the enslaved Bakugan? Just tune in and find out!


    Loading Hero Database: ||||||||| 8% completed|||||||

    dan id Bakuganbuzz Exclusive: Bakugan  The New Vestroia!


    Fetching more data from Bakugan Interspace ....
    Hero Database loading....
    Enemy Database on que ...
    New Vestroia Bakugan on que ...
    Recorded Battle Events on que ...
    This could take awhile, thank you for your patience.


    Stay Tune! We will be right back!


    Stay Tune

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    Posted by: Frank in Feature Article , on May 01st, 2014

    baku meter Bakumetered: Hammer Gorem!

    Hey guys! Time to check your Baku Meters! Just scanned from the database today guess who? -it's Julie's Hammer Gorem! Let's go ahead and check why this bakugan is one of our all time favorites! Don't miss this out!


    Hammer Gorem

    Hammer Gorem Bakumetered: Hammer Gorem!

    Hammer Gorem is a brute yet noble fighting guardian bakugan of Julie Makimoto. Hammer Gorem is the 2nd Stage evolution of Gorem and features a heavier iron cladded armor and armed with its two-sided hard swinging hammer, Hammer Gorem is always ready for an action packed brawl!


    Hammer Gorem Abilities:

    Hammer Gorem Abilities Bakumetered: Hammer Gorem!


    Grand Impact: This ability can be used when Hammer Gorem enters battle. The ability will nullify the opponent's Gate Card and will transfer 200 Gs from the opponent to Hammer Gorem.
    Taros Hammer: Hammer Gorem transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to himself
    Gorem Punch: Reduces 300 Gs from the opponent.
    Grand Slide: Moves a Gate Card.


    Ball Forms:

    Hammer%20Gorem%20 %20Pyrus Bakumetered: Hammer Gorem!



    Hammer%20Gorem%20 %20Haos Bakumetered: Hammer Gorem!



    Episode Sightings:

    Nightmare in Doomsville -Season 1: Bakugan Battle Brawlers
    Virtual Insanity -Season 2: Bakugan -New Vestroia
    All For One -Season 2: Bakugan -New Vestroia



    **Do you want to suggest other of your favorite Bakugan to be scanned by Bakuganbuzz's Baku Meter? Just drop us a comment and let us know!


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    Posted by: Frank in Feature Article , on April 27th, 2014


    Hi Everyone! Thanks for making BakuganBuzz your #1 Bakugan Resource website! As a gesture of gratitude we will be posting cooler than ever contents to satisfy your Bakugan Action cravings in a weekly basis! We will start of with nice bite sized Bakugan action in it's climax and we will call it: Bakugan Power Play!

    Here we will feature legendary Bakugan Brawls from the 1st Bakugan Season to the latest! Who wants some piece of Bakugan Power Play Action?

    First up would be -Bakugan Power Play Week#1: Ultimate Dragonoid vs. Alpha Hydranoid!

    Ultimate Dragonoid Weekly Special: Bakugan Power Play!  Bakuganbuzz.com


    BK CD HMAlphaHydranoid Weekly Special: Bakugan Power Play!  Bakuganbuzz.com

    Let the Battles Begin!


    Coming Real Soon! -only here @Bakuganbuzz.com!


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    Posted by: Admin in Battle Tactics, Feature Article , on September 30th, 2011

    battletacticslogo Battle Tactic #20: Guest Brawler Strategy #3 – September 2011

    bakugan GI aquos glow Battle Tactic #20: Guest Brawler Strategy #3 – September 2011Before the month of September ends, we've got another Battle Tactics session with Guest Brawler Aquamentus. This time, we have a battle strategy for Aquos brawlers, a strategy that is called the Aquos "Full Silver Salvo" Strategy:

    Here's how the strategy works:

    - Silver Nugget (Gate card)
    - Quick Jump (Ability card, though any Blue Ability will work)
    - Any two Silver Bakunano (For this example, we'll use a Silver Bombaplode at 80G, and a Silver Hyper Pulsor at 70G)
    - Aquos Infinity Helios (700/800/850/1000/1050/1200G, set to 1200G)
    - Any Aquos Mechtogan (For this example, we'll use an Aquos Venexus Titan at 230G)

    While a fairly simplistic strategy, this is one of Aquos's lastest and most ruthless tactics that come in the first wave of Mechtanium Surge. Silver Nugget is a Silver Gate card that not only offers a 130 bonus to Aquos, but allows players with Aquos or Subterra Bakugan in battle to get a +100G bonus to each of their Bakunano. Now normally you should be careful with cards like this as your opponent could use its power against you, but on average, Aquos and Subterra are the least common attributes you will experience in the game, so you should be pretty safe from this strategy backfiring.

    Now the rest is simple. Load up your Mechtogan with Silver Bakunano, play your ability, and get a massive bonus. This strategy is amazing because one, it only requires two Bakunano, an Ability, and one support piece AND you get to reuse your Bakunano after the battle, and two, because this doesn't just give a big bonus. It will give you one of the biggest bonuses this game has ever seen:


    So even if you don't win the battle, your opponent will practically empty out their unused pile catching up with you, leaving the rest of the game for you to hit them while they're left with nothing to fight back. And all you did was play a support piece, one Ability, and some Nano. Simple, effective, conservative, and devastating. Everything a good Aquos brawler needs to win.


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    Posted by: maryann in Battle Tactics, Feature Article , on June 10th, 2011

    battletacticslogo Battle Tactic #17: Back to the Basics: Basic 2 Player Brawl   June 2011

    After going over the basic team setup last month on Battle Tactic issue #16, we continue forward with BrightLight's Battle Tactic this month in reviewing the basic requirements and rules in setting up a brawl and winning a battle!

    Game Set Up

    In a 2 player game, both players sit across from each other in the field. The goal of the game is to be the first to capture 3 Gate Cards. Each player's right side is for unused Bakugan and Cards, called the "Unused Pile." All cards are placed faced down in your Unused Pile so your opponent can't see them. Each player's left side is for used Bakugan and Cards, called the "Used Pile."

    To start, each player places one of their Gate Cards face down in the middle of the battlefield in the space closer to their opponent, furthest from themselves. Gate Cards are replaced when there are no more Gate Cads in the field.

    Begin play with your Team Setup of 3 Bakugan, 3 Gate Card and 3 Ability Cards. Refer to Battle Tactic #16 for more info.

    Roll to Battle

    The youngest player goes first, and then players take turns. Players must be 2 cards lengths from the battlefield to begin their roll.

    During your turn:

    Select and roll your Bakugan over the Gate Cards in the center of the battlefield.

    If the Bakugan misses and does not land on a Gate Card, it goes into your Used Pile. Now it is your opponent's turn.

    If you do land on a Gate Card but no other Bakugan are standing on that Gate Card, it is your opponent's turn to roll.

    If your Bakugan lands on a Gate Card where your opponent already has a standing Bakugan, then battle begins!

    During battle, each player looks at the G-Power printed on the inside of their Bakugan. Then, flip over the Gate Card and look at the numbers on the left listed in the colored circles. Each circle matches a Bakugan Attribute which is called the Gate Attribute Bonus. Now each player adds the Gate Attribute Bonus that corresponds to their Bakugan. This is your total G-Power.

    Attributes Battle Tactic #17: Back to the Basics: Basic 2 Player Brawl   June 2011

    If there is no text on bottom of the Gate Card and no one plays any Ability Cards or any Support Pieces, the brawler with the high total G-Power wins the battle, captures the Gate Card and places it in their Used Pile. Remember, the first brawler to capture 3 Gate Cards wins the game! Now, each player places their battling Bakugan in their Used Pile.

    Don't forget that before you roll, during your turn or after battle, you may play any applicable Ability Cards that are in your Unused Pile. You may even play ALL of your Ability Cards, but choose your cards wisely! Ability Cards go into your Used Pile once you have used them.

    Also, during a battle, you may play a Support Piece such as Mechtogan, Mechtogan Titans, Mobile Assaults, Battle Gear or Traps. These Support Pieces will add a G-Power boost to help annihilate your opponent! Additionally you may use your BakuNano to give you the edge over your opponent!

    For more information on Game Play, battling with Support Pieces and BakuNano, check out the Gameplay section at Bakugan.com
    and to discuss more about Game Play, join the official Bakugan community at My.Bakugan.com!

    Battle On!