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  • Bronze Attack Bakugan

    Bronze Attack Bakugan are a Walmart Exclusives and are sold individually like special attacks. Currently there are just 8 different ones available. These include Fourtress, Wilda, Storm Skyress, Preyas Diablo, Dragonoid, Neo Dragonoid, Hammer Gorem, and Ravenoid. Each One comes with a Gate card from the "Q" Series and a Special ability card from the 1/6 BR series. These ability cards are specifically for use with bronze Bakugan and are very powerful.

    Fortress Hammer Gorem
    Bronze Attack Fortress 262x300 Bronze Attack Bakugan Bronze Attack Hammer Gorem 295x300 Bronze Attack Bakugan
    Dragonoid Neo Dragonoid
    bronze Dragonoid Bronze Attack Bakugan bronze Neo Dragonoid Bronze Attack Bakugan
    Preyas Diablo Ravenoid
    Bronze Attack Preyas Diablo Bronze Attack Bakugan bronze Ravenoid Bronze Attack Bakugan
    Storm Skyress
    bronze Storm Skyress Bronze Attack Bakugan

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    logo Bronze Attack Bakugan

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    14 Responses to “Bronze Attack Bakugan”
    1. I have dragonoid like that!!!!!!!1

    2. Ive seen crazy bakugan on ebay thier cool just go to ebay check this place out too every now and then.

    3. i heard there will be a bronze attack ingram (six winged)

    4. I have a Subterra Wilda Bronze attack. It said on the back that they get additional boosts from gate cards and then the Ability card I got gave subterra bakugan an additional boost for all gate cards captured by opponents. that could take a wilda character card with say 140 subterra boost then 140 more with my wilda (670 gs) then if my opponent has 2 gate cards that takes 2 more additional boosts for a grand total of 560 gs added. that means my wilda in this situation would go to
      1230gs. they cant be that powerful. also all the bronze attack ability cards are for every attribute and ae not randomly packeged. if anyone can disprove this go to my forum at bbbnys.webs.com

    5. I like bronze attack,but what do they do?!If someone could tell me. that would be great

    6. hey mikey if you say theres an ingram where can i find it?cause i really want ingram.

    7. bronze attack bakugan get the gate bonus 1 extra time. u will get the gate bonus again for each gate card in your used pile if u have 2 gate cards in your used pile you will 3 of attribute gate bonus (the bonusus count on how many gate cards u have plus 1 extra time no matter wat)

    8. i agree with you bakumaster they do gain the attribute an extra time for each gate card in your
      used pile

    9. I got lots of bronze bakugan

    10.   tacosrgood says: March 3rd, 2010 at 10:55 pm

      ive only got 1, but it a ventus storm skyress, and that really helps my team

    11.   stevie says: March 5th, 2010 at 7:28 pm

      i have a neo dragonoid pryus and it is 650 gs so it really helps my arsenal

    12.   tacosrgood says: March 10th, 2010 at 10:00 pm

      mines 620gs

    13.   Morgan Campbell says: April 4th, 2010 at 10:03 am

      There is also a Bronze attack Apollonir and a Bronze Attack Snapzoid

    14. I have two bronze bakugan which are storm skyress and hammer gorem. I like to see more of these bronze versions soon. They are so much fun.