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  • Fabia Sheen

    Fabia 656x1023 Fabia SheenAge: currently 16 yrs. old
    Race: Neathian

    Main Attribute: Haos

    Rank / Status:
    Princess of Neathia, Sister to the Queen of Neathia
    Haos Brawler of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers
    Castle Knight of Neathia

    Fabia is sister to the ruling Queen of Neathia. Brave and valiant, she goes to Earth to find comrades to help fight alongside the Neathians. Fabia is a very astute Haos battler. Teaming up with Aranaut, she is ready to battle to save Neathia.

    Season 3 - Gundalian Invaders
    - Fabia is skilled in a kind of close combat martial arts unique to their race.
    - It was Fabia who sent the Phantom Data back in the New Vestroia arc.
    - Fabia is an average brawler, but has mostly lost her battles. This supports her statement that the Neathians have never battled before, and are not good and experienced at brawling.
    - Shun helped her in making the brawlers believe her story and not Ren's, after he himself was convinced that her side of the story of the war was the truth.
    - Fabia's Neathian form was shown on Episode 26, where it was also revealed why she cannot accept Ren easily into the group. She had a fiance named Jin, who was also the original partner of Aranaut, who died in the war. Aranaut was taken by Kazarina and Fabia sneaked into the Gundalian forces in order to get Aranaut back.
    - Fabia beat Kazarina with a little help from Mason and Nurzak. Lumagrowl going rogue also contributed to Kazarina's loss.

    Partner Bakugan: Haos Aranaut
    Battle Gear: Battle Crusher

    Other Bakugan Used:
    Haos Fangoid
    Haos Merlix
    Haos Jetro

    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 3: The Visitor Against Koji
    Against Dan
    Episode 6: Exposed Against Jesse Loss
    Episode 10: Escape From Darkness Against Lena and Zenet / With Avatar Marucho Loss
    Episode 14: The Sacred Orb Against Kazarina and Gill / With Captain Elright stopped
    Episode 16: The Secret Switch Against Stoica and Jesse / With Dan Win
    Episode 18: Curtain Call Against Jesse and Ren / With Jake Win
    Episode 19: The Secret of the Orb Against Nurzak and Ren / With Marucho stopped
    Episode 22: Mobile Assault Against Koji / With Dan Win
    Episode 24: Dharak Colossus
    Episode 25: Dragonoid Colossus
    Against Airzel and Kazarina / With Shun Loss
    Episode 26: Forgiveness Against Ren Win
    Episode 32: Redemption Against Kazarina and Stoica / With Nurzak
    Against Kazarina, Stoica, Jesse, Zenet, and Lena / With Nurzak
    Episode 35: Dream Escape Against Kazarina / With Jake and Dan Win
    Episode 36: Gundalian Showdown
    Episode 37: Broken Spell
    Against Kazarina (Mason interfered once and Lumagrowl went rogue) Win
    Episode 38: Code Eve Against Barodius, Stoica, and Gundalian army / With Dan, Shun, Jake, Ren, Nurzak, Lena, Jesse, Zenet, and Castle Knights Loss

    logo Fabia Sheen

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