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  • Marucho Marukura

    Marucho 532x1024 Marucho MarukuraRace: Human / Earthling
    season 3 - 15 yrs. old
    season 2 - 14 yrs. old
    season 1 - 11 yrs. old

    Main Attribute: Aquos

    Rank / Status:
    Aquos Brawler of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers
    Aquos Brawler of the Brawlers Resistance in New Vestroia
    Ranked No. 7 Brawler in the world (season 1)
    Ranked No. 3 Brawler in Bakugan Interspace (season 3)
    Castle Knight of Neathia

    Marucho has a brilliant strategic mind. Family resources allow Marucho to create innovations to help the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is the co-creator of the exciting Bakugan Interspace which allows kids to battle freely. An Aquos Battler, Marucho gets along very well with Akwimos.

    Season 1 - Bakugan Battle Brawlers
    - Marucho was only 10 when he was introduced in the first season of Bakugan. He is one of the youngest brawlers in all seasons of the series.
    - He is the richest among the brawlers, and also one of the smartest and most resourceful. He moved to Dan and Runo's neighborhood with a big home filled with technology, lots of animals, and big comfort rooms with lots of space and with a shiny toilet in the center.
    - His extensive knowledge of Bakugan and brawling gives him the edge over making new strategies.
    - He was the first among the brawlers to lose his Bakugan to Masquerade's minions. It was thought that Preyas had gone to the Doom Dimension but in reality, Klaus kept him as part of his Bakugan collection.
    - In battling against the legendary Aquos soldier Frosch, it was learned that in the past Marucho used to be so obedient and followed everything his parents told him to do.
    - His manservant, Kato, is very supportive of him and has helped the brawlers in many occasions.

    nv Marucho Marucho MarukuraPartner Bakugan: Aquos Preyas --- Preyas Angelo / Preyas Diablo

    Other Bakugan Used:
    Aquos Juggernoid
    Aquos Robotallion
    Aquos Terrorclaw
    Aquos Limulus
    Aquos Stinglash
    Aquos Siege
    Aquos Frosch

    Season 2 - New Vestroia
    - Marucho and Julie were both spying on Dan and Runo on their date when Drago came. He was not meant to go to New Vestroia, but he overheard Dan and Drago and sneaked away with them.
    - Marucho has to go and look for a new partner Bakugan because Preyas was turned into a statue by the Vexos.
    - It seems Marucho always manages to get the Bakugan with the sense of humor.
    - He believes that the Trap Bakugan have their own way of communicating with others.
    - It is in this season where he began creating Bakugan Interspace, although there were still lots of room for improvement.
    - He helped Keith and Mira with creating Drago's battle gear using technology and Drago's DNA.

    Partner Bakugan: Aquos Elfin --- Minx Elfin
    Bakugan Trap: Tripod Epsilon

    BKN Marucho Marucho MarukuraSeason 3 - Gundalian Invaders
    - Marucho establishes a close friendship with Ren, and they both complete the Bakugan Interspace together.
    - He was the one who was hurt the most when Ren was exposed to be a Gundalian spy.
    - He is the 3rd ranked Brawler in the Bakugan Interspace.
    - He still ends up with the funny Bakugan, as Akwimos is the funny one in this season.
    - Like Jake and Shun, Marucho had to say goodbye to Akwimos when the war ended.

    Partner Bakugan: Aquos Akwimos
    Battle Gear: Gigarth

    Season 4 - Mechtanium Surge
    - Marucho has a new partner Bakugan in Aquos Tristar, although it is not yet known how they came to be partners.
    - Marucho has relinquished control of Bakugan Interspace and turned it over to the Interspace system. He is still known throughout as the creator of Interspace, but is participating just like any brawler.
    - His rank is not known as only the top 4 has been revealed (Dan, Anubius, Sellon, and Shun).

    Partner Bakugan: Aquos Tristar

    Battles (Season 1)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 7: Bakugan Idol
    Episode 8: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Against Jenny and Jewls (JJ Dolls) / With Dan Win
    Episode 9: Fight or Flight Against Takashi and Kosuke / With Runo Win
    Episode 11: Grandpa's Got a Brand New Bakugan Against Shun / With Runo Loss
    Episode 17: BFF Best Friends Forever Against Klaus Loss
    Episode 21: My Good Friend
    Episode 22: Drago's On Fire
    Against Klaus, Chan Lee, and Julio / With Dan and Runo Win
    Episode 28: The Brawlers' Last Stand Against Masquerade / With Shun, Runo, and Julie (lost on purpose) Loss
    Episode 30: I Am Marucho, Hear Me Roar Against illusionary Marucho and Aquos Frosch Win
    Episode 35: Dan's Last Stand Against Dan Loss
    Episode 41: A Fish Called Tayghen Against Tayghen and Hairadee (lost on purpose) / With Shun Win
    Episode 46: Man's Decoration Against Tayghen / With the JJ Dolls Win
    Episode 50: For Us There Is No Tomorrow
    Episode 51: Burning Life
    Against Centorrior and Druman / With Dan, Runo, Julie, Klaus, Billy, Komba, and Julio Win
    Episode 52: Number One Battle Brawlers Against Hal-G and Naga / With Dan, Shun, Runo, Julie, Alice, and Joe Win
    Battles (Season 2 - New Vestroia)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 4: Marucho's Mission Against Mylene / With Shun Win
    Episode 8: What's the Plan? Against Unknown Brawler Loss
    Episode 10: Surprise Visitor
    Episode 11: Gate Crashers
    Against Shadow Win
    Episode 14: Duel in the Dunes Against Volt Loss
    Episode 22: underground Takedown
    Episode 23: Wall to Wall Brawl
    Against Shadow and Mylene / With Shun Win
    Episode 31: Spectra Rises Against Spectra / With Dan and Mira Win
    Episode 35: Elfin on the Run Against Hydron and Shadow Win
    Episode 40: Ambush Against Lync and Shadow / With Ace Loss
    Episode 51: All For One
    Episode 52: Final Fury
    Against Zenoheld / With the Brawlers, Hydron, Spectra, and Gus Win
    Battles (Season 3 - Gundalian Invaders)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 7: True Colors Against Ren Win
    Episode 8: Hostile Takeover Against Sid and Casey / With Jake Win
    Episode 14: The Sacred Orb Against Stoica stopped
    Episode 15: Decoy Unit Against Airzel and Mason/ With Jake Win
    Episode 19: The Secret of the Orb Against Ren and Nurzak / With Fabia stopped
    Episode 24: Dharak Colossus
    Episode 25: Dragonoid Colossus
    Against Stoica and Gill / With Jake Loss
    Episode 30: Infiltrated Against Gundalian army of Bakugan / With Dan, Shun, and Dragonoid Colossus
    Against Airzel and Gill / With Shun
    Episode 33: Jake's Last Stand Against Jake Tie
    Episode 34: Final Strike
    Episode 35: Dream Escape
    Against Airzel stopped
    Episode 36: Gundalian Showdown Against Gill, Airzel, and Stoica / With Dan, Shun, Jake, and Ren Win
    Episode 37: Broken Spell Against Barodius, Jesse, Lena, Zenet, and Gundalian army / With Dan, Shun, Jake, Ren, and Castle Knights ---
    Episode 38: Code Eve Against Barodius, Stoica, and Gundalian army / With Dan, Shun, Jake, Ren, Fabia, Nurzak, Lena, Jesse, Zenet, and Castle Knights Loss

    maruchoandtristar Marucho Marukura

    Battles (Season 4 - Mechtanium Surge)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 2: Mechtogan Mayhem Against Jack stopped
    Episode 5: Tri-Twister Take Down Against Tri-Twisters / With Shun stopped
    Episode 7: BakuNano Explosion Against the Bash Brothers Loss
    Episode 11: Back in Sync Against Jack Win
    Episode 12: Mind Search --- Capture the Flag Battle ---
    Against Team Anubias and Sellon / With Rafe and Paige
    Episode 13: Re-connection Against Sellon (lost on purpose)
    Against Shun

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