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  • Dan Kuso

    Dan 635x1024 Dan KusoRace: Human / Earthling
    season 4 - 17 yrs. old
    season 3 - 16 yrs. old
    season 2 - 15 yrs. old
    season 1 - 12 yrs. old

    Main Attribute: Pyrus

    Rank / Status:
    Leader and Pyrus Master of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers
    Leader (replacing Mira) and Pyrus Brawler of the Bakugan Resistance in New Vestroia
    Ranked No. 1 Brawler in the World
    Top Pyrus Brawler in the World
    No. 1 Brawler in Bakugan Interspace
    Castle Knight of Neathia

    Dan is the main character of the Bakugan series. He is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is impetuous and tends to rush into things, but makes up for this with a strong sense of justice. Dan's life revolves around Bakugan, with his greatest ambition to become the number one ranked Bakugan player in the world. He is the master of the power play and uses fire attributes in battle. He loves battling with his longtime Pyrus partner Dragonoid. Dan's family recently moved to a new city.

    Season 1
    - Dan and Shun created the rules and regulations for the Bakugan game.
    - Dan was not yet the top brawler in the world at this time.
    - Drago did not want to be partnered with Dan in the beginning, but they reconciled after a short falling out and became great partners.
    - Dan did not want to let Shun in with the mission to take down Masquerade because he was not sure if Shun was okay with going back to brawling after quitting earlier.
    - Dan and Drago were the first among the brawlers to be sent to the Doom Dimension. The others had to lose on purpose to Masquerade in order to go to the Doom Dimension and get them back.
    - He had to battle the other brawlers and win in order for Drago to evolve again.

    nv Dan Dan Kuso

    Partner Bakugan: Pyrus Dragonoid --- Delta Dragonoid --- Ultimate Dragonoid --- Infinity Dragonoid

    Partner Bakugan:
    Pyrus Saurus
    Pyrus Terrorclaw
    Pyrus Griffon
    Pyrus Serpenoid
    Pyrus Robotallion
    Pyrus Mantris
    Pyrus Falconeer
    Pyrus Siege
    Pyrus Warius
    Pyrus Stinglash
    Pyrus Ravenoid
    Pyrus Tuskor
    Pyrus Gargonoid

    Season 2 - New Vestroia
    - Dan was supposed to be the only one going to New Vestroia, but Marucho sneaked his way along and Shun was sucked in.
    - Dan took over leadership over the Resistance from Mira.
    - He and Ace didn't get along well at first because Ace was suspicious of them.

    Partner Bakugan: Pyrus Neo Dragonoid --- Cross Dragonoid --- Helix Dragonoid
    Ultimate Weapon: Maxus Dragonoid
    Bakugan Trap: Pyrus Scorpion

    Season 3 - Gundalian Invaders
    - Dan is the top brawler in the Bakugan Interspace that Marucho and Ren has created.
    - We don't know if he and Runo are still a couple since he has moved over to Bayview and is now only in contact with Julie, Shun, and Marucho from the original brawlers.
    - All throughout the third season, it was only Drago who had a lot of evolutions, making him and Dan the main targets to defeat in the eyes of the power-hungry Barodius and Dharak.
    - Dan and Drago are the only ones who are apparently the only ones in equal footing to the Gundalians when it comes to power.
    - As the partner brawler of Drago, Dan became the strongest brawler when Drago was given the enormous power of the Sacred Orb by Code Eve.

    Partner Bakugan: Pyrus Helix Dragonoid --- Lumino Dragonoid --- Blitz Dragonoid --- Titanium Dragonoid
    Battle Gear: Jetkor --- Cross Buster / Explosix Gear
    Mobile Assault: Raytheus and Jakalier
    Ultimate Weapon: Dragonoid Colossus (with battle gears: Axator Gear, Beamblitzer, Blasteroid, and Nukix Gear)

    Season 4 - Mechtanium Surge
    - Dan and Drago have been haunted by nightmares of Mag Mel and Razenoid for over a year now ever since the Gundalian-Neathian War ended. This was due to the effects of the power bestowed upon them by Code Eve. Drago is also having a hard time controlling these powers that unleash Mechtogan.
    - Dan teams up with Marucho and Shun in the Bakugan Interspace Grand PRIX Tournament. However, it seems that it's always Dan who steps in first when battle ensues, and the two are left to watch.
    - Dan insists on keeping their hallucinations about Mag Mel a secret from Shun and Marucho. He and Drago trained secretly to try to control Drago's new powers but it is proving a challenge.
    - After a shameful defeat opposite Anubias due to another hallucination, Dan and Drago journey to New Vestroia without telling anyone of their plans.

    Partner Bakugan: Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid
    Mechtogan Boost: Zenthon Mechtogan

    Dan - season 1 Dan season 1 costume
    BKN Dan Dan Kuso DI50539 Dan Kuso

    Battles (Season 1)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 1: The Battle Begins Against Shuji (2 battles) Win (both)
    Episode 2: Masquerade Ball Against Shuji Win
    Episode 3: A Feud Between Friends Against Shuji Win
    Episode 3: A Feud Between Friends Against Rikimaru Win
    Episode 4: Dan and Drago Against Ryu Loss
    Episode 4: Dan and Drago Against Ryu Win
    Episode 6: A Combination Battle Against Kenta and Kenji / With Runo Win
    Episode 7: Bakugan Idol
    Episode 8: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Against Jenny and Jewls (JJ Dolls) / With Marucho Win
    Episode 11: Grandpa's Got a Brand New Bakugan Against unknown brawler Win
    Episode 12: Bakugan Stall Against Shun (flashback) Win
    Episode 13: Just For the Shun of It Against Masquerade / With Shun Win
    Episode 13: Just For the Shun of It Against Shun Loss
    Episode 16: No Guts No Glory Against Chan Lee Win
    Episode 18: Evolution Revolution Against Julio / With Runo Win
    Episode 21: My Good Friend
    Episode 22: Drago's On Fire
    Against Klaus, Chan Lee, and Julio / With Runo and Marucho Win
    Episode 23: Say It Ain't So Joe Against Joe stopped
    Episode 25: Trust Me Against Nene, Shuji, and Akira / With Runo (and Alice) Win
    Episode 27: Showdown Against Masquerade Loss
    Episode 33: You're Going Down Clown Against Clown and Pyrus Apollonir Win
    Episode 35: Dan's Last Stand Against Julie Win
    Episode 35: Dan's Last Stand Against Marucho Win
    Episode 36: Show Me What You've Got Against Runo Win
    Episode 37: You Say You Want an Evolution Against Shun Win
    Episode 38: Behind the Mask of Masquerade Against Masquerade Win
    Episode 42: The Race to Vestroia Against Rabideer and Tricloid (lost on purpose) / With Runo and Julie Win
    Episode 43: Soldier's Rest
    Episode 44: It's a Long Shot
    Against Centorrior and Druman (lost on purpose) / With Noble Lion and Masquerade Win
    Episode 50: For Us There Is No Tomorrow
    Episode 51: Burning Life
    Against Centorrior and Druman / With Runo, Julie, Marucho, Billy, Klaus, Komba, and Julio Win
    Episode 51: Burning Life
    Episode 52: Number One Battle Brawlers
    Against Hal-G and Naga / With Shun, Runo, Julie, Marucho, Alice, and Joe Win
    Battles (Season 2 - New Vestroia)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 1: Invasion of the Vestals Against Lync and Volt / With Mira Win
    Episode 2: Facing Ace Against Ace Tie
    Episode 5: A Taste of Defeat Against Gus Lose
    Episode 6: Return of a Friend Against Gus and Spectra / With Shun Win
    Episode 16: Show Me the Power Against Spectra Loss
    Episode 17: Dude, Where's My Bakugan?
    Episode 18: Gone, Gone Bakugan
    Against Spectra Win
    Episode 20: Beta City Blues Against Mylene and Shadow / With Baron Win
    Episode 23: Wall to Wall Brawl Against Mira and Gus / With Ace Win
    Episode 24: Ultimate Bakugan
    Episode 25: Final Countdown
    Episode 26: Reunion
    Against Spectra stopped
    Episode 31: Spectra Rises Against Spectra / With Mira and Marucho Win
    Episode 38: All Or Nothing Against Spectra Win
    Episode 41: BT: The Final Battle Against Hydron and Zenoheld / With Mira and Spectra Loss
    Episode 44: Spectra's Last Stand Against Spectra Win
    Episode 45: Fusion Confusion Against Keith Win
    Episode 46: Volt's Revolt Against Keith Win
    Episode 51: All For One
    Episode 52: Final Fury
    Against Zenoheld / With the Brawlers, Spectra, Gus, and Hydron Win
    Battles (Season 3 - Gundalian Invaders)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 1: A New Beginning Against Ren stopped
    Episode 2: Revelation Against Sid and Lena Win
    Episode 3: The Visitor Against Fabia Win
    Episode 5: Confrontation Against Sid and Zenet / With Ren Loss
    Episode 8: Hostile Takeover Against Mason and Tyler / With Shun Win
    Episode 9: Twin Attack Against Sein and Lewin Win
    Episode 12: The Element Against Sid Win
    Episode 13: Twin Evil Against Zenet Win
    Episode 14: The Sacred Orb Against Barodius stopped
    Episode 16: The Secret Switch Against Stoica and Jesse / With Fabia Win
    Episode 17: Battle For the Second Shield Against Kazarina and Lena / With Shun Win
    Episode 20: Partners 'Til the End Against Zenet and Gill / With Shun Win
    Episode 22: Mobile Assault Against Koji / With Fabia Win
    Episode 23: Sid Returns Against Ren and Sid Win
    Episode 24: Dharak Colossus Against Barodius Loss
    Episode 28: Jake Returns Against Jake / With Shun Win
    Episode 29: Genesis Against Dragonoid Colossus Win
    Episode 30: Infiltrated Against Gundalian army of Bakugan / With Shun, Marucho, and Dragonoid Colossus Win
    Episode 31: True Evolution Against Barodius Win
    Episode 35: Dream Escape Against Kazarina / With Fabia and Jake Win
    Episode 36: Gundalian Showdown Against Gill, Airzel, and Stoica / With Marucho, Shun, Jake, and Ren Win
    Episode 37: Broken Spell Against Barodius, Jesse, Lena, Zenet, and Gundalian army / With Marucho, Shun, Jake, Ren, and Castle Knights ---
    Episode 38: Code Eve
    Episode 39: Destiny Revealed
    Against Barodius Win

    dananddrago Dan Kuso

    Battles (Season 4 - Mechtanium Surge)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 1: Interspace Showdown Against unknown brawlers Win
    Episode 1: Interspace Showdown Against Ben Win
    Episode 2: Mechtogan Mayhem Against Zenthon stopped
    Episode 3: Disconnect Against Anubias Loss
    Episode 4: Fall From Grace Against Sellon and Chris / With Shun Win
    Episode 6: Agony Of Defeat Against Anubias Loss
    Episode 8: Return to New Vestroia Against Amazon Loss
    Episode 9: Chaos Control Against Anubias / With Preyas and Amazon Win
    Episode 14: Triple Threat Against Sellon Win

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