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  • Nurzak of the Twelve Orders

    Nurzak 833x1024 Nurzak of the Twelve OrdersRace: Gundalian

    Main Attribute: Subterra

    Rank / Status:
    - defected to Neathian side -
    Subterra Brawler of the Twelve Orders

    A Subterra Battler and a scholarly and wise intellectual. Although he's the oldest of the 'Twelve Orders,' he has the most physical energy. The Emperor trusts Nurzak and he has many followers. He is the #1 officer of the 'Twelve Orders' and is very good at analyzing the opponent, planning strategy and evaluating the situation.

    Season 3 - Gundalian Invaders
    - Nurzak is the oldest among the Twelve Orders, and had served Emperor Barodius' father before Barodius took over the throne.
    - Nurzak has shown not only wisdom but also some kind of hope for their race, which is rare in the Twelve Orders.
    - He stood up to his belief that the Sacred Orb should not be coveted, even knowing that to do so would be going against Barodius.
    - He was presumed dead after his battle with Barodius. But he was only sent to the dimension of the Dragonoid Colossus, where Mason was also sent. After Dan defeated Dragonoid Colossus, he and Mason pledged allegiance to Neathia.
    - He had a daughter who died in battle.
    - He was presumed dead again when he was washed away in a battle against Kazarina and Stoica, while protecting Fabia. But he turned up with Mason later on, as Mason had apparently found him.
    - He is now the only surviving member of the Twelve Orders. He also leads the Gundalians in the peace and alliance formed with the Neathians after the war.

    Partner Bakugan: Subterra Sabator
    Battle Gear: Chompixx

    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 14: The Sacred Orb Against Jake (specifically) stopped
    Episode 19: The Secret of the Orb Against Marucho and Fabia / With Ren stopped
    Episode 21: Divide and Conquer Against Barodius Loss
    Episode 32: Redemption Against Kazarina and Stoica / With Fabia
    Against Kazarina, Stoica, Jesse, Zenet, and Lena / With Fabia
    Episode 38: Code Eve Against Barodius, Stoica, Airzel, and Gundalian army / With Dan, Shun, Marucho, Jake, Ren, Fabia, Mason, Jesse, Lena, Zenet, and Castle Knights Loss

    logo Nurzak of the Twelve Orders

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