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  • Posted by: Frank in Bakugan Tv Show , on August 13th, 2014


    Watch Video:


    Story Overview:

    In an attempt to shut down the dimension controller in Alpha City without getting attention from the Vexos the Bakugan Brawlers Resistance devised a plan to get into the tournament where the dimension controller is harnessing its power source and overload it by giving off huge amount of energy into a match. But what's the problem with Ace and Shun -these guys does have very different styles so they ended arguing on what to do -soon enough they have agreed on a plan and they were able to win their first match in the tournament! Way to go Bakugan Brawlers!

     whats the plan 350x247 Episode 8: Whats the Plan?  New Vestroia

    whats the plan2 350x245 Episode 8: Whats the Plan?  New Vestroia

    whats the plan3 350x245 Episode 8: Whats the Plan?  New Vestroia


    Ace and Shun Vs The Dark Angels

    Bakugan Sightings:

    Verias (Pyrus)
    Fly Beetle (Subterra)
    Freezer (Pyrus)
    Jelldon (Pyrus)
    Rafflesian (Subterra)
    Neo Dragonoid


    Bakuganbuzz Episode Rating(in G's):   690G's!


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