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  • Posted by: Frank in Bakugan Tv Show , on August 14th, 2014

    Watch Video:

    Story Overview:

    Ren's intentions and belief is about to be shaken as he is pelted against another attack of the Gundalians to Neathia and the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. During their brawl with Dan he kept thinking about his past, where he was the last reign of the Keeper of the Underground Gate together with other Darkus Bakugan when he met Linehalt. He is still convinced that he must repay the Emperor for saving his life in the underground -at the mean time Sid shows up to Ren during the battle.He told Ren about what Kazarina did to the others but it's just too late for Sid -he got attacked by Dharak for betrayal. Dan on the other hand is too disappointed he was
    not able to convince Ren to switch sides.

    return of sid 350x253 Episode 23: Sid Returns  Gundalian Invaders

    return of sid2 350x257 Episode 23: Sid Returns  Gundalian Invaders

    return of sid3 350x253 Episode 23: Sid Returns  Gundalian Invaders


    Dan Vs. Ren Krawler

    Bakugan Sightings:

    Lumino Dragonoid
    Volt Elezoid

    Battle Gears Used:

    Lumino Dragonoid [Explosix]
    Linehalt [Boomix]
    Rubanoid [Destrakon Gear]

    Mobile Assaults Used:

    Lumino Dragonoid [Jakalier]

    Bakuganbuzz Episode Rating(in G's):   760G's!


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