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    Just want to say "Hi!" to our avid fans and members of the Bakuganbuzz community that we do share our passions about Bakugan to. We want to show you how grateful we are for having such a lively online forum. Rest assured that we will continue to do our best not only to bring you the newest Bakugan Updates but all the more creative content and media to entertain and satisfy your daily Bakugan cravings!

    Introducing Bakugabuzz's Episode Guide! Richly provided with the details that will make you remember that excitement when you first watched your 1st Bakugan Episode Season 1: Bakugan Battle Brawlers! Soon to include -Season 2 to 4! The Bakugabuzz's Episode Guide will provide you first hand information regarding:

    1. A Quick Story Overview
    2. Episode Highlights
    3. 1st Bakugan Sightings
    4. Ability Card Usage
    5. and of course! an Episode Rating based on action and entertainment in G's!

    Feel free to submit a rating on your own.


    Bakuganbuzz Episode Guide

    Bakugan Season 1  -Bakugan Battle Brawlers!

    Episode 1: The Battle Begins
    Episode 2: Masquerade Ball
    Episode 3: A Feud Between Friends
    Episode 4: Dan & Drago
    Episode 5: Runo Rules
    Episode 6: A Combination Battle
    Episode 7: Bakugan Idol
    Episode 8: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Episode 9: Fight or Flight!
    Episode 10: A Perfect Match
    Episode 11: Grandpas Got A Brand New Bakugan
    Episode 12: Bakugan Stall
    Episode 13: Just For The Shun Of It
    Episode 14: The Story Of Vestroia
    Episode 15: A Duel In The Desert
    Episode 16: No Guts No Glory
    Episode 17: BFF Best Friends Forever
    Episode 18: Evolution Revolution
    Episode 19: Julie Plays Hard Brawl
    Episode 20: A Little Help From My Friends
    Episode 21: My Good Friend
    Episode 22:  Drago's On Fire
    Episode 23: Say It Aint So Joe
    Episode 24: The Secret Of Success
    Episode 25: Trust Me
    Episode 26: Doom Dimension Or Bust


    Bakugan Season 2  -The New Vestroia!

    New Vestroia Episode 1: Invasion Of The Vestals
    New Vestroia Episode 2: Facing Ace
    New Vestroia Episode 3: Get Psyched
    New Vestroia Episode 4: Marucho's Mission
    New Vestroia Episode 5: Taste Of Defeat
    New Vestroia Episode 6: Return Of A Friend
    New Vestroia Episode 7: Cyber Nightmare
    New Vestroia Episode Eight, What's the Plan?
    New Vestroia Episode Nine, Freedom Run
    New Vestroia Episode Ten, Surprise Visitor
    New Vestroia Episode Eleven, Gate Crashers
    New Vestroia Episode Twelve, UnMasked
    New Vestroia Episode Thirteen, Voices In The Night
    New Vestroia Episode Fourteen, Duel In The Dunes
    New Vestroia Episode Fifteen, Last One Standing
    New Vestroia Episode Sixteen, Show Me The Power
    New Vestroia Episode Seventeen, Dude Where's My Bakugan?
    New Vestroia Episode Eighteen, Gone Gone Bakugan
    New Vestroia Episode Nineteen, Family Ties
    New Vestroia Episode Twenty, Beta City Blues
    New Vestroia Episode Twenty One, Brotherly Love
    New Vestroia Episode Twenty Two, Underground Take Down
    New Vestroia Episode Twenty Three, Wall To Wall Brawl
    New Vestroia Episode Twenty Four, Ultimate Bakugan
    New Vestroia Episode Twenty Five, Final Countdown
    New Vestroia Episode Twenty Six, Reunion


    Coming Soon!




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