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  • Posted by: Frank in Bakugan Tv Show , on April 29th, 2014


    Watch Video:


    Story Overview:

    Friendship gets loose when Dan and Drago undergoes a seemingly dangerous opponent named Rikimaru which Masquerade influenced to battle Dan using a Doom Card and a potentially strong bakugan Aquos Siege -during Dan's skirmish with Rikimaru -2 of Dan's bakugan as well as Rikimaru's was sent to the Doom Dimension. Not having a feel for Drago's welfare as well as his lost friends, now Drago cannot trust Dan who just thinks about all bakugan as a game of win or lose. As the argument heats up -Dan decides to let go of Drago and throws him off the riverside.

    a feud between friends bakugan2 Episode 3: A Feud Between Friends!

    a feud between friends bakugan Episode 3: A Feud Between Friends!


    Dan vs. Rikimaru
    Feud between Dan and his Bakugan Drago

    1st Bakugan Sightings:


    Ability Cards Used:

    Aquos Juggernoid [Depth Tornado]
    Aquos Siege [Tsunami Wave]
    Pyrus Dragonoid [Boosted Dragon]

    Bakuganbuzz Episode Rating(in G's):   620G's!


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