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  • Posted by: Frank in Bakugan Tv Show , on April 30th, 2014


    Watch Video:


    Story Overview:

    Looks like Dan is finding himself into a whole lot of difficulty without his priced Drago on his side. Having lost to a school friend, Ryo, which is under Masquerade's influence -Dan permanently lost 3 of his bakugans in a single brawl. Realizing how selfish he is as a brawler, Dan finally understands Drago's arguments and tries to find him on the riverside. Dan saw Drago within the water and had a short conversation with him -Dan also apologized to Drago within the process. Regaining his strength and his old friend Drago, they then set forth to free Ryo from the control of Masquerade!

    dan and drago Episode 4: Dan and Drago!

    dan and drago2 Episode 4: Dan and Drago!


    Dan vs. Ryo
    Dan and Drago reconciled finally!

    Bakugan Sightings:

    Darkus Fear Ripper
    Darkus Mantris
    Darkus Reaper
    Pyrus Robotallion
    Pyrus Juggernoid
    Pyrus Garganoid
    Pyrus Terrorclaw
    Pyrus Dragonoid

    Ability Cards Used:

    Darkus Mantris [Marionette]
    Pyrus Robotallion [Robotallion Enforcement]
    Darkus Reaper [Dimension 4]
    Darkus Fear Ripper [Slash Zero]
    Pyrus Garganoid [Fire Wall]
    Pyrus Mantris [Marionette]
    Pyrus Dragonoid [Boosted Dragon]

    Bakuganbuzz Episode Rating(in G's):   670G's!


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