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  • Posted by: Frank in Bakugan Tv Show , on August 05th, 2014

    Watch Video:

    Story Overview:

    Two old friends will meet again but now as enemies - Marucho vs Ren. On the Gundalian base, Emperor Barodius have ordered yet another attack on Neathia to crush the second shield so that their troops can advance within the city. Nurzak of the Twelve Orders including Kazarina have been given the task at hand. Mason Brown having seen previous unreasonable punishments with his colleagues decided to escape as from prison. Ren and Nurzak then followed to chase him when they encounter Fabia and Marucho who were scouting the area for gundalian invaders during that time. In the climax of their battle, a dimensional tornado from the Sacred Orb disrupts the match. What is this? Is the Sacred Orb attempting to stop a match between Marucho and Ren? If not -are there any other possible reason.

    the secret of the orb 350x258 Episode 19: The Secret of the Orb  Gundalian Invaders

    the secret of the orb2 350x258 Episode 19: The Secret of the Orb  Gundalian Invaders

    the secret of the orb3 350x263 Episode 19: The Secret of the Orb  Gundalian Invaders


    Marucho and Fabia Vs Nurzak and Ren

    Bakugan Sightings:


    Ability Cards Used:

    Aranaut [Vector Fist]
    Aranaut [Light Wave]
    Aranaut [Aurora Impact]
    Akwimos [Heal Blue]
    Akwimos [Loop Shield]
    Akwimos [Ghost Storm]
    Akwimos [Life Eater]
    Linehalt [Dark Saber]
    Linehalt [Gigarth Ray]
    Linehalt [Dark Javelin]
    Linehalt [Razen Breaker]
    Sabator [Rootcal Wilder]
    Sabator [Destroy Horn]

    Battle Gears Used:

    Aranaut [Battle Crusher -Duke]
    Linehalt [Boomix -Mega Blaster Lock]
    Akwimos [Gigarth -Pointer]
    Akwimos [Chompixx -Chamberland Breaker]


    Bakuganbuzz Episode Rating(in G's):   735G's!


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