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  • Posted by: Frank in Bakugan Tv Show , on August 04th, 2014

    Watch Video:

    Story Overview:

    Surviving the previous attack by the Gundalians, everyone in Neathia is busy rebuilding their destroyed city. Jake unfortunately wasn't that so eager to help with the rebuilding efforts at this time, he is more focused on going after the Gundalians and finish them off so went on the forest and ran away from the Brawlers. On the other hand in Gundalia a lot of things have been going on. With Sid and Lena already dispatched by Kazarina and Stoica Jesse eventually fled to save his life but all is about to change when they fought Jake and Fabia who have left the Neathian base. Angered by Jesse attempt for escape and defeat to the brawlers Kazarina and Stoica punished Jesse while sparing his Bakugan Plitheon.

    curtain call3 350x259 Episode 18: Curtain Call  Gundalian Invaders

    curtain call 350x253 Episode 18: Curtain Call  Gundalian Invaders

    curtain call2 350x256 Episode 18: Curtain Call  Gundalian Invaders



    Jake and Fabia Vs Ren and Jesse

    Bakugan Sightings:

    Lumino Dragonoid

    Ability Cards Used:

    Aranaut [Vector Fist]
    Aranaut [Light Wave]
    Aranaut [Aurora Impact]
    Plitheon [Fly Slasher]
    Plitheon [Hyper Verde]
    Plitheon [Ghost Storm]
    Plitheon [Life Eater]
    Linehalt [Dark Saber]
    Linehalt [Twist Bow]
    Linehalt [Dark Javelin]
    Linehalt [Razen Breaker]
    Coredem [Crush Arrow]
    Coredem [Change Exia]

    Battle Gears Used:

    Aranaut [Battle Crusher -Demise]
    Plitheon [Vilantor Geard -Cyclotron]
    Linehalt [Battle Crusher -Demise]
    Coredem [Rock Hammer -Beo-Blaster]
    Coredem [Rock Hammer -Batle Element]


    Bakuganbuzz Episode Rating(in G's):   710G's!


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