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  • Posted by: Anabelle in Bakugan BakuTech Manga TV Show , on December 14th, 2012

    zakuro1 300x148 Bakugan BakuTech Episode 25: Cry, Shield Leoness

    Oozing with a nasty personality Zakuro went inside Grif-Zaibatsu facility and have a battle with Koh.Kilan Leoness was counter released by Koh to attempt a critical knock out against Bone Skuls, but the latter  has a strong evil hold which caused Kilan Leoness shifted to the other side of the gate card that made Zakuro more wicked and went after a critical K.O.

    zak koh 300x181 Bakugan BakuTech Episode 25: Cry, Shield Leoness

    Koh Grif made another attempt to fight Bone Skuls that resulted to another defeat against Zakuro’s Bakutech Evil Reverse which almost broke Kilan Leoness. More so, Sho and Tri falco appeared which  added damaged to Kilan Leoness thinking that he is rescuing his brother against Zakuro.

    The last turn is on Zakuro taunting Koh to give up his bakutech that’s almost on the edge of its breaking point. The devil warned that Kilan Leoness will be destroyed beyond repair.

    whiteLYT 300x165 Bakugan BakuTech Episode 25: Cry, Shield Leoness

    Koh choose to fight back hoping that his bakugan will evolve into much stronger bakugan bakutech. Upon shooting Kilan Leoness towards Bone Skuls, a bright white light enveloped the two Bakugan.

    evolve Leoness Bakugan BakuTech Episode 25: Cry, Shield Leoness

    Indeed, Kilan Leoness evolved into Shield Leoness which successfully destroyed and knocked out Bone Skuls.

    zak Quilt 300x215 Bakugan BakuTech Episode 25: Cry, Shield Leoness

    The team Dragaon cheered with joy in witnessing the defeat of the Devil.  Unexpectedly, Zakuro accepted defeat on purpose as he transformed  into the form of Quilt and says he only did it to practice the Grif Brothers for the Tavanel Cup.

    teamD 300x159 Bakugan BakuTech Episode 25: Cry, Shield Leoness

    Let's find out what will happen at the Bakugan Dojo on the next episode.



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