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  • BakuTech Manga TV Show

    Here is the latest Bakugan TV anime series – BakuTech Manga . This is an adaptation of Coro Coro Comics Manga series. It started airing in Japan on April 7, 2012. Its release spur interest among Bakugan fanatics since there is no latest update on Bakugan after its 4th season Mechtanium Surge. The lead character on this new TV anime is Harubaru Hinode. However, BakuTech Manga series is currently shown only in Japan and no latest news for English subtitles yet.

    Check out for the latest episodes of Bakugan BakuTech Manga series here as it will be updated regularly.

    Bakugan BakuTech Manga series

    Episode One, Critically K.O.

    Episode Two, My Buddy Dragaon

    Episode Three, Shoot to Extremes

    Episode Four, Grif Brothers

    Episode Five, Shadow Sanjushi

    Episode Six, Quilt's Temple

    Episode Seven, Zero Munikis

    Episode Eight, Dragaon's Evolution

    Episode Nine, The Mysterious Master Jyou

    Episode Ten, Ninja Art Poisonous Insult (No Jutsu)

    Episode Eleven, Soft Words win Hard Hearts

    Episode Twelve, Self-evolving Bakugan

    Episode Thirteen, Phantasmal Munikis

    Episode Fourteen, Advent of a Legend

    Episode Fifteen, Sechs Tavanel

    Episode Sixteen, Zakuro Invades

    Episode Seventeen, Bone Skuls

    Episode Eighteen, Dio Sivac's Curse

    Episode Nineteen, Power Battle

    Episode Twenty, King Harou

    Episode Twenty One, G Ganorada

    Episode Twenty Two, BakuThron DX

    Episode Twenty Three,  Falco VS Leoness

    Episode Twenty Four, The Devil Returns

    Episode Twenty Five, Cry, Shield Leoness

    Episode Twenty Six, Bakugan Dojo Break up

    Episode Twenty Seven, Super Almighty Bakugan

    Episode Twenty Eight, The Invincible Grif  Whirlwind

    Episode Twenty Nine, Initiate Counterattack

    Episode Thirty,  Metal Parts of friendship 

    Episode Thirty One, Hugger Dguma

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