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  • Posted by: Anabelle in Bakugan BakuTech Manga TV Show , on December 06th, 2012

    sho jyou 300x172 Bakugan Bakutech Episode 24: The Devil Returns

    This is an inspiring episode as Sho Grif let himself be trained by Master Jyou at the Bakugan Dojo. He is determined to join the Tavanel Cup as he knowingly accepts that Kho - his brother is far more skilled in brawling compare to him. Master Jyou, good as he is, said some encouraging words to Sho and showed him some test to demonstrate what other skills his Tri Falco Bakugan can do against Gigan Taures – Master Jyou’s Bakugan. Sho Grif was able to knock out its opponent.


    4friends 300x136 Bakugan Bakutech Episode 24: The Devil Returns

    Meanwhile at the Grif Zaibatsu’s training facility, Kho Grif knocked out Bone Skuls and Dio Sivac in their digital copy randomly produced by BakuThron DX.


    simulation 300x125 Bakugan Bakutech Episode 24: The Devil Returns

    Harubaru, Raichi and Tatsuma were also at the facility to take part in the simulation training. Each of them knocked out their fellow opponent showing excellent showmanship except Tatsuma who failed to wipe out Gif Jinryu because of his broken finger. While the four friends busy joking about Sho’s training with Master Jyou and his Stiff Cactus as a penalty, the receptionist told Koh that Zakuro has not yet arrived as scheduled. As Koh was thinking that Zakuro might get lost, surprisingly they all heard a sinister laughter coming from the devil himself.


    Harubaru, Raichi and Tatsuma froze on their spot where they’re standing looking at Zakuro covered with darkness. Zakuro intend to seek revenge against Koh Grif.


    zakuro 300x136 Bakugan Bakutech Episode 24: The Devil Returns
    Watch the exciting episodes while the devil returns to antagonize our heroes. 

    logo Bakugan Bakutech Episode 24: The Devil Returns
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