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  • Season 4 Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Character – Sellon

    bak sellon 174x252 Season 4 Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Character   SellonRace: Neathian

    Main Attribute: Ventus

    Rank / Status:
    Leader of Team Sellon
    3rd ranked Brawler in Bakugan Interspace
    Servant of Mag Mel

    Sellon is the beauitful and elegant leader of Team Sellon. Although she sometimes clashes with Anubias, they are united in their goal to take down Dan and Drago.

    Season 4 - Mechtanium Surge
    - Sellon is introduced as the leader of Team Sellon and the 3rd ranked brawler in Bakugan Interspace. She, Anubias, and Dan are the top contenders for the top spot in Interspace.
    - She shows herself to others as a graceful and honorable brawler. In truth, however, she is a subordinate of Mag Mel and she carries out her orders rather successfully. She was able to manipulate the brawlers, especially Shun, as according to her plans.
    - Sellon and Anubias show to others that they are enemies and rivals. However, they are both in the service of Mag Mel and are actually planning together for the downfall of Dan and the brawlers.
    - She is disguised as human, but she is in fact a Neathian.
    - Her main attribute is Ventus, but she is also seen to be capable of Subterra brawling.

    Partner Bakugan: Ventus Spyron
    BakuNano Boost: Daftorix
    Mechtogan Boost: Braxion

    Other Bakugan and Mechtogans Used:
    Subterra Vertexx
    Chaos Bakugan: Haos, Subterra, and Ventus Iron Dragonoids (with BakuNano Shoxrox)
    Chaos Bakugan: all six Flash Ingrams
    Pyrus Deezall Mechtogan
    Subterra Rockfist Mechtogan
    Haos Mizerak Mechtogan

    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 1: Interspace Showdown Against unknown brawler Win
    Episode 2: Mechtogan Mayhem Against Zenthon Mechtogan / With Anubias stopped
    Episode 4: Fall From Grace Against Dan and Shun / With Chris (lost on purpose) Loss
    Episode 5: Tri-Twister Take Down Against the Tri-Twisters / With Anubias, Shun, and Marucho Win
    Episode 12: Mind Search --- Capture the Flag Battle ---
    Against Marucho, Rafe, and Paige
    Episode 13: Re-connection Against Marucho (lost on purpose) Loss
    Episode 14: Triple Threat Against Dan Loss
    Episode 16: A Hero Returns Against Dan / With Anubias Win
    Episode 18: Battle Lines Against Dan, Shun, and Marucho / With Anubias Loss
    Episode 19: Unlocking the Gate Against the Battle Brawlers / With Mag Mel and Anubias Loss
    Episode 20: True Colors Against the Battle Brawlers / With Anubias Loss
    Episode 21: Dangerous Beauty Against Shun / With Chris and Soon Loss

    logo Season 4 Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Character   Sellon

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