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  • Posted by: maryann in Bakugan Battle League, Bakugan Events , on September 30th, 2010

    bbl logo Bakugan Battle League   Blog Entry #4   September 27th, 2010

    Thank you brawlers for another awesome BBL event day! Day 3 of the Bakugan Battle League was held on Saturday, September 18th at participating Toys "R" Us store locations around the United States. We were so excited to watch the action as brawlers battled to vote for the next thrilling chapter in the Battle League story. The votes have been tallied and the winner is... “Similar Crush!”

    Check out some of the coverage gathered from several BBL Minion Force members across the US:

    - Danjay from Memphis, TN reports in with tales of helpful brawlers! During his local BBL event, several brawlers showed up with a Bakugan team that lacked a couple pieces. Veteran brawlers happily provided Bakugan from their own collection so they could engage in the Battle League events. It’s that sort of camaraderie that keeps the Bakugan community together!

    danjay01 Bakugan Battle League   Blog Entry #4   September 27th, 2010 danjay02 Bakugan Battle League   Blog Entry #4   September 27th, 2010 danjay03 Bakugan Battle League   Blog Entry #4   September 27th, 2010

    - Bakugan Battle League Minion Force member BakuganFreedom captures the excitement from Hayward, CA. The all-new exclusive ‘Direct Attack’ Ability card was handed out with the Day 3 League Book. On the battling side of the event, the BBL Officials recognized BakuganFreedom’s amazing skills and challenged him to a “Championship Battle” with a fellow brawler. The winner of this featured battled would win a Series 1 Darkus Falconeer! Check out photos from his local event and video footage of the “Championship Brawl” to see who won the “Championship” match (hint: BakuganFreedom liberated the battlefield!):

    bakuganfreedom01 Bakugan Battle League   Blog Entry #4   September 27th, 2010 bakuganfreedom02 Bakugan Battle League   Blog Entry #4   September 27th, 2010 bakuganfreedom03 Bakugan Battle League   Blog Entry #4   September 27th, 2010

    - DanthePyrusKing gathers awesome live footage from his local BBL Event #3 day. He highlights prized collections, coverage of a battle in progress, and captures brawlers doing what they do best... brawling!

    The Bakugan Battle League has been such a huge success that we’ve brought the BBL to Canada! Canada had their first BBL event on Saturday, September 25th and will have their next event day on Saturday, October 16th. For more information on the BBL in Canada, check out the Canada section on www.bakuganbattleleague.com.

    We hope to see you at Day 4 of the BBL on Saturday, October 9th!
    Be sure to check out the next BBL Blog for Day 4 coverage of the BBL event. Bring your Bakugan to the next event and battle for the following chapter of the story. For more coverage from other Minion Force members, check out the Bakugan Battle League section at the official My.Bakugan.com community.

    Enlist in the Bakugan Battle League Minion Force and download the exclusive membership kit that includes a special badge, certificate, capture guidelines, and images for use with your content! For more information check out the BBL Minion Force Announcement in the official forums.

    logo Bakugan Battle League   Blog Entry #4   September 27th, 2010

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    5 Responses to “Bakugan Battle League – “Blog Entry #4” – September 27th, 2010”
    1. […] rest is here: Bakugan Battle League – “Blog Entry #4″ – September 27th, 2010 […]

    2.   Doomvizion27 says: September 30th, 2010 at 1:27 pm

      i cant go to the battle leagues

    3.   Ω Hydraboid says: September 30th, 2010 at 3:22 pm

      I went to that one accidentaly and without my bakugan

    4. hey guys no ramdol but be waiting for
      pyrus helix dragonoid
      pyrus avoir
      ventus glotronoid
      *BEST REAL*darkus nastix

    5. tell when you take it