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  • Zenoheld, Former King of the Vestals

    nv zenoheld Zenoheld, Former King of the VestalsAge: late 40's or 50s
    Race: Vestal / Vester

    Main Attribute: Pyrus

    Rank / Status:
    - deceased -
    Commander of the Vexos
    Former King of the Vestals

    Zenoheld was not seen much in the first part of the New Vestroia, but it was obvious that Hydron and the Vexos are afraid to anger him. The reason became obvious on the second part of the season, where Zenoheld became the main antagonist. He is merciless and brutal, with no hesitation in killing off his opponents even when they have already lost in the brawls. He holds no affection for anyone, not even his own son, and only has eyes for complete domination and the destruction of all Bakugan.

    Season 2 - New Vestroia
    - Zenoheld is heavily backed by Dr. Clay, and this becomes the reason as to how Zenoheld keeps on winning battles (either through more machine improvements to his Bakugan or through cheating).
    - He shows no remorse for the fallen, and has no mercy for those who challenge his authority, even his own son.

    Partner Bakugan: Pyrus Farbros with the Assail System and the Alternative

    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 27: Six Degress of Destruction Against the Six Ancient Warriors Win
    Episode 39: Avenging Spectra Against Gus Win
    Episode 41: BT: The Final Battle Against Dan, Mira, and Spectra / With Hydron Win
    Episode 49: An Heir To Spare Against Hydron Win
    Episode 50: Ultimate Weapon
    Episode 51: All For One
    Episode 52: Final Fury
    Against the Brawlers, Spectra, and Hydron Loss

    logo Zenoheld, Former King of the Vestals

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