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  • Volt Luster

    nv Volt Volt LusterAge: season 2 - 19 yrs. old
    Race: Vestal / Vester

    Main Attribute: Haos

    Rank / Status:
    - presumed dead -
    Haos Brawler of the Vexos

    Volt prefers the Haos attribute and is part of the Vexos team. Short and stocky like a wrestler, he doesn't like cowardly conduct, and he is always fair and square. He is a very eloquent speaker, but in battle, Volt prefers to use his strength instead of his mind. Volt brawls with Brontes Bakugan and holds a Dynamo Trap Bakugan.

    Season 2 - New Vestroia
    - Volt is said to be a big guy with no brains.
    - He views brawling as a means of survival, as he showed in his battle with Hydron.
    - He values honor and loyalty, and prefers to fight his opponents fairly and head on.
    - He steps down from the Vexos when he finds he can no longer go with Zenoheld's selfish goals, despite knowing that his life would be at risk.
    - He cares for his Bakugan, especially Brontes, despite the Vexos' views that the Bakugan are mindless creatures.

    Partner Bakugan: Haos mechanical Boriates
    Bakugan Trap: Hexstar

    Other Bakugan Used:
    Haos Mega Brontes
    Haos Verias
    Haos Freezer
    Trap Dynamo

    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 1: Invasion of the Vestals Against Dan and Mira / With Lync Loss
    Episode 9: Freedom Run Against Ace and Shun / With Lync Loss
    Episode 14: Duel in the Dunes Against Marucho Win
    Episode 22: Unerground Takedown Against Baron Loss
    Episode 33: Brontes' Betrayal Against Gus Loss
    Episode 36: Samurai Showdown Against Shun and Baron Loss
    Episode 40: Ambush Against Shun and Baron / With Mylene Win
    Episode 46: Volt's Revolt Against Hydron Loss

    logo Volt Luster

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