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    Posted by: Admin in Uncategorized , on October 03rd, 2009

    305885957 tp Hottest Finds of the weekThe latest BUZZ on bakugan is that there is now been confirmation on an AQUOS Ingram! This also includes the B2 Aquos Skyress! As many have heard, the new EVO packs have been disappearing from Walmart.com! Get them before they sell out! These packs include the FIRST evolution of HYDRANOID! As of now these packs are only available online! The price is set at 12$! All of the bakugan inside of the packs are Translucent! There are 4 packs available! There is Dan's, Marucho's, Masquerade's, and Shun's!!! Also new BakuSteel have been appearing in stores all over North America! These include newer bakugan with G powers ranging from 300g to even 740g!!! Aquos Viper Helios is one of these bakugan! It has a G power of 730g! The most powerful was found in a booster! A Pyrus Hyper Drago has the largetst G power ever recorded in America! It has a whopping 740g!!! Get out there and find the newest bakugan before they are all gone! Also many of the Maxus sets have been selling out! These r set at 40$ a piece and have a total of 7 bakugan in each! I will have more coverage as that story develops!Thats the daily buzz on bakugan!

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    Posted by: Admin in Uncategorized , on September 22nd, 2009

    I know this is a bakugan website but i also like to share other cool stuff as well. I found another pretty cool game this is fun to play and free as well! Its an rpg type of game with lots of players online playing together. Its fun to pass the time by while waiting for more bakugan news to come out 😀

    Help save Isya from destruction! PlayFiesta RPG. Huge game world, massive battles, free play...what are you waiting for? Play today!
     Other Cool Games

    If rpg type games really arent your thing there is a cool extreme snowboard racing game you can try as well. Again its free to download and play as well. Play Project Powder and lemme know how you like it.

    Between these 2 different games and the nanovor game, theres plenty of cool free games to play while your waiting for the latest Bakugan News.

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    Posted by: Admin in Uncategorized , on September 04th, 2009

    I have been playing this pretty cool and fun online game called Nanovor - Connect, Collect & Battle. Check out this other Cool New Game   Nanovor Its free to download and play and you can earn more cool nanovor monsters by just battling others. You earn badges for reaching certain milestones like playing in 10 battles and certain badges reward you with more nanovors or "EM's" ( which are used to turn your nanovor into other more powerful nanovor ). It fun to collect them as well as battle with them.

    Feel free to click on one of the banners to goto the site and download it and play for free. Or you can just click HERE
     Check out this other Cool New Game   Nanovor.Once you register and log in, feel free to add me to your friend list, my name on the game is "ErnieB" ( no quotes ). We can chat, trade or battle anytime. For parents out there, the chat room have a VERY filtered chat so there will never be anything "bad" being able to be typed or viewed in the chat rooms.

    You get points for playing whether you win or lose so get to playing to get your experience up and your points as well. And when your ready to learn more about the nanovor and how to play, check out our other fan site Nanovor101.

    Posted by: Admin in Uncategorized , on August 26th, 2009

    The past couple of weeks we didnt have any exclusives for you due to delays in approvals, so today we are gonna make up for it and give you guys some exclusive info and screenshots a few days early! One of the cool features in the bakugan video game is the ability to create your own character. You get to choose how they look from their hair to their eyes and nose to their clothes from their shirt to the pants and even the shoes. In addition you get to choose an attribute to associate with. Heres a rundown and some screenshots for you

    Creating Your Character

    In Bakugan Battle Brawlers, you’ll play with fully customizable characters that let you design how your brawler looks. So whether you want your character to be just like you or if you want go totally different, you will be able to decide.

    Even if you’re a long way into story mode and maybe you’re getting tired of your look, you can always go into the ‘My Room’ section and change up your appearance.

    Take a look at some stylish options you’ll have in Bakugan Battle Brawlers:

    Attribute – Before you decide on a look, you’ll want to select your attribute. When you play Bakugan Battle Brawlers, each attribute will give you certain advantages so it’s not just about colors here. You’ll have an advantage on your own playing field and will be able to learn special shots that are unique to your attribute.

    Face Time – To give you plenty of options, you will be able to customize your entire face. This means eyes, nose, mouth and hair can all be selected on their own. Make yourself funky or maybe look fierce. It’s up to you.

    Cool Clothes – Bakugan Battle Brawlers features some great customizable gear. Pick your top, bottom and even your shoes. Always wanted to dress like Dan? Here’s your chance.

    create (1) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (2) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (3) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (4) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (5) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (6) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (7) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (8) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (9) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (10) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (11) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (12) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (13) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (14) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive
    create (15) Bakugan Video Game Exclusive

    Posted by: Admin in Uncategorized , on August 25th, 2009

    Still looking to trade or buy a translucent haos fear ripper and a gold fear ripper. I have MANY of the newer styles of abis omega, alto brontes, verias, moskeeto and hyper dragonoid i am willing to trade in addition to a ton of older series 1, B1 style bakugan. Email me at Admin[at]bakuganbuzz.com if you have any for trade or sale.

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