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  • Posted by: Admin in Uncategorized , on September 04th, 2009

    I have been playing this pretty cool and fun online game called Nanovor - Connect, Collect & Battle. Check out this other Cool New Game   Nanovor Its free to download and play and you can earn more cool nanovor monsters by just battling others. You earn badges for reaching certain milestones like playing in 10 battles and certain badges reward you with more nanovors or "EM's" ( which are used to turn your nanovor into other more powerful nanovor ). It fun to collect them as well as battle with them.

    Feel free to click on one of the banners to goto the site and download it and play for free. Or you can just click HERE
     Check out this other Cool New Game   Nanovor.Once you register and log in, feel free to add me to your friend list, my name on the game is "ErnieB" ( no quotes ). We can chat, trade or battle anytime. For parents out there, the chat room have a VERY filtered chat so there will never be anything "bad" being able to be typed or viewed in the chat rooms.

    You get points for playing whether you win or lose so get to playing to get your experience up and your points as well. And when your ready to learn more about the nanovor and how to play, check out our other fan site Nanovor101.

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    One Response to “Check out this other Cool New Game – Nanovor”
    1. It’s great that you cleared that up for me!