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  • Paige – Season 4 Subterra Brawler

    paige Paige   Season 4 Subterra BrawlerRace: Gundalian

    Main Attribute: Subterra

    Rank / Status:
    Subterra Brawler of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers
    Trainee under the Battle Brawlers' tutelage
    Former Gundalian soldier

    Paige is a former soldier from Gundalia. She has been sent by the Queen of Neathia to train with the Battle Brawlers. She's completely fearless in battle and quick to be the first to throw down.

    Season 4 - Mechtanium Surge
    - Paige arrives on Bakugan Interspace together with Rafe, both sent by Princess Fabia to help the brawlers and also to be trained by them. This was on the 10th episode of the season, A Royale Pain.
    - Dan and Drago were gone by the time Paige and Rafe arrived, and they saw that there was something wrong with the brawlers and their teamwork.
    - They join in the Battle Royale to help Shun fight against the Mechtogan that he and Taylean spawned. They were still both defeated by Silent Strike.
    - They were disappointed that the brawlers had become a wreck, with Dan and Drago gone, Shun and Taylean battle-hungry, and Marucho and Tristar caught in the middle and not knowing what to do. Paige is especially not impressed and looks down on them.

    Partner Bakugan: Boulderon

    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 10: A Royale Pain Against Silent Strike Mechtogan / With Rafe Loss
    Episode 12: Mind Search --- Capture the Flag Battle ---
    Against Team Anubias and Sellon / With Paige and Marucho
    Episode 14: Triple Threat Against unknown brawlers / With Rafe Win

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