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  • Mylene Farrow

    nv Mylene Mylene FarrowAKA: Mylene Pharaoh
    Age: season 2 - 18 yrs. old
    Race: Vestal / Vester

    Main Attribute: Aquos

    Rank / Status:
    - presumed dead -
    Aquos Brawler of the Vexos
    Leader of the Vexos (after Spectra defected)

    Mylene prefers the Aquos attribute. The only girl in the Vexos group, Mylene is a natural leader who is always challenging authority. Her actions are always extreme. She battles with brains instead of power. Although she is a loyal Vexos, she does not trust Spectra and has her own agenda. Mylene brawls with Bakugan Elico.

    Season 2 - New Vestroia

    Partner Bakugan: Aquos mechanical Macubass
    Bakugan Trap: Tripod Theta

    Other Bakugan Used:
    Aquos Elico
    Aquos Abis Omega

    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 4: Marucho's Mission Against Marucho and Shun Loss
    Episode 13: Voices in the Night Against Ace Win
    Episode 20: Beta City Blues Against Dan and Baron / With Shadow Loss
    Episode 22: Underground Takedown Against Shun and Marucho / With Shadow Loss
    Episode 29: Saved By the Siren Against Ace and Klaus Loss
    Episode 34: Earth Invaders Against Mira and Runo / With Lync Win
    Episode 40: Ambush Against Shun and Baron / With Volt Win
    Episode 48: Mylene's Meltdown Against Keith and Mira / With Shadow Loss

    logo Mylene Farrow

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