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  • Mira Clay

    nv Mira Mira ClayAge: season 2 - 16 yrs. old
    Race: Vestal / Vester

    Main Attribute: Subterra

    Rank / Status:
    Leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance (replaced by Dan)
    Subterra Brawler of the Resistance
    Short-time member of the Vexos

    Mira prefers the Subterra attribute. A Vester girl, she is the leader of the Resistance and also the eldest of the Resistance members. She is a warrior at heart. While Mira is accepted by the battle brawlers, she is not necessarily trusted. Her primary Bakugan brawler is Wilda, and she uses the special Trap Bakugan Baliton.

    Season 2 - New Vestroia
    - Mira is the only female brawler in the Resistance.
    - Her father, Dr. Clay works for the Vexos, and her brother Keith, who was missing, turns out to be the enigmatic Spectra!
    - She seems to be interested in Dan, but later on she seems to be jealous when Julie said she likes Ace.
    - She passed on being the leader of the Resistance to Dan when it was apparent that he was the strongest of them all.

    Partner Bakugan: Subterra Wilda --- Thunder Wilda --- Magma Wilda
    Bakugan Trap: Baliton

    Episodes Against / With Result
    Episode 1: Invasion of the Vestals Against Lync and Volt / With Dan Win
    Episode 7: Cyber Nightmare Against Lync Win
    Episode 12: Unmasked Against Gus Win
    Episode 13: Voices in the Night Against Ace Win
    Episode 21: Brotherly Love Against Spectra Loss
    Episode 23: Wall to Wall Brawl Against Dan and Ace / With Gus Loss
    Episode 31: Spectra Rises Against Spectra / With Dan and Marucho Win
    Episode 34: Earth Invaders Against Lync and Mylene / With Runo Loss
    Episode 40: Ambush
    Episode 41: BT: The Final Battle
    Against Hydron and Zenoheld / With Dan and Spectra Loss
    Episode48: Mylene's Meltdown Against Mylene and Shadow / With Keith Win
    Episode 50: Ultimate Weapon
    Episode 51: All For One
    Episode 52: Final Fury
    Against King Zenoheld / With Brawlers, Spectra, and Hydron Win

    logo Mira Clay

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