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  • Season 4 Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Character – Mag Mel

    AKA: Barodius
    bak magmel 174x252 Season 4 Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Character   Mag MelRace: Gundalian

    Main Attribute: Darkus

    Rank / Status:
    - imprisoned for most of season 4-
    once emperor of the Gundalians

    Mag Mel is the mysterious masked entity who haunts Dan's darkest dreams and often appears to him as a vision, especially during battle.

    Season 4 - Mechtanium Surge
    - Mag Mel is the central villain of the season. While he is imprisoned in another dimension and restrained by web-like bonds along with his Bakugan Razenoid, he can still reach out to Dan and Drago through visions and dreams. He is also visited by his minions, Sellon and Anubias.
    - It is still not known how Mag Mel and Razenoid were imprisoned, or anything from his past, or how Sellon and Anubias came to work for him.

    Partner Bakugan: Darkus Razenoid
    Mechtogan Boost: Dreadeon

    Battles (Season 1)
    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 17: Gundalia Under Fire Against the Battle Brawlers and Gundalians Win
    Episode 19: Unlocking the Gate Against the Battle Brawlers / With Anubias and Sellon Loss
    Episode 23: Behind the Mask Against Dan ---
    Episode 25: Dark Moon
    Episode 26: The Final Takedown
    Against Dan Loss

    logo Season 4 Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge Character   Mag Mel

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