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  • Hammermor BakuNano

    BN Hammermor Hammermor BakuNano

    Hammermor separated into two sharp-bladed weapons that can slice apart even the heaviest armor.

    The Hammermor is one of the first BakuNanos introduced that will be released on February-March 2011, along with the first wave of Mechtanium Surge Bakugan. More information will be added when available.

    Closed Form
    comingsoon Hammermor BakuNano
    Card Appearance
    comingsoon Hammermor BakuNano

    Battle Gear on Bakugan
     Hammermor BakuNano

    comingsoon Hammermor BakuNano
    comingsoon Hammermor BakuNano
    comingsoon Hammermor BakuNano

    Special Treatments

    Special Treatment Version Special Treatment Version
    comingsoon Hammermor BakuNano comingsoon Hammermor BakuNano

    Purchase Hammermor BakuNano below

    logo Hammermor BakuNano

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