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  • Gus Grav

    nv Gus Gus GravAge: season 2 - 18 yrs. old
    Race: Vestal / Vester

    Main Attribute: Subterra

    Rank / Status:
    Former Subterra Brawler of the Vexos

    Gus prefers the Subterra attribute. He is a handsome, macho Vexos teammate. During his free time, he devotes himself to training. Gus is quick and agile. In Bakugan battle, he's a powerful fighter who teams with Vulcan Bakugan. Gus uses Trap Bakugan Hexados.

    Season 2 - New Vestroia
    - Gus is viewed by the other Vexos as Spectra's pet or lapdog.
    - Gus goes with Spectra and betrays the Vexos organization, showing his intense loyalty only belongs to Spectra.
    - He is shown to be unfeeling when it comes to Bakugan, treating them as mindless creatures that can be discarded if useless.
    - He was the first among the Vexos to be deemed dead after his battle with King Zenoheld (although in truth, he was only put in prison).

    Partner Bakugan: Subterra Primo Vulcan --- Rex Vulcan
    Bakugan Trap: Hexados

    Other Bakugan Used:
    Aquos Elico --- Blast Elico
    Haos Mega Brontes --- Alto Brontes

    Episode Against / With Result
    Episode 5: Taste of Defeat Against Dan Win
    Episode 6: Return of a Friend Against Dan and Shun / With Spectra Loss
    Episode 12: Unmasked Against Mira Loss
    Episode 23: Wall to Wall Brawl Against Dan and Ace / With Mira Loss
    Episode 33: Brontes' Betrayal Against Volt Win
    Episode 39: Avenging Spectra Against King Zenoheld Loss
    Episode 50: Ultimate Weapon
    Episode 51: All For One
    Episode 52: Final Fury
    Against King Zenoheld / With Brawlers, Spectra, and Hydron Win

    logo Gus Grav

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