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  • Posted by: Anabelle in Bakugan Video Game , on July 25th, 2012

    Did you like watching the episodes of Bakugan Brawlers and their BakuTech? I know you’ll like it more when you played in the fighting tournaments with your PSP 3, Xbox and Wii.

    vid1 300x157 Gorem: Your New Ally


    I found some useful techniques that can help you to win in the tournaments.

    gorem Gorem: Your New Ally


    Gorem will be one of your the powerful contender. If you unlock Gorem you can use him in one of your future battles. But first you must defeat him in a battle. This can be use in any version of the bakugan game.

    When you’re at the Brave Battlers Tournament, do whatever fighting skills you like just make sure to use Leonidas throughout the tournament. This can help later to unlock Gorem.

    In your 1-on-1 battle choose Julie to be your opponent. Julie is partnered with Gorem and later you will fight both of them.

    In battling Gorem, choose Leonidas to fight with him. You can attack Gorem with Alpha Blaster - a plus-200 attack against him with hits more than the attack value.

    As your energy drops heal yourself to keep you in the tournament.

    Let Leonida attack Julie repeatedly while keep using the alpha blaster and the healing to defeat her. Until Gorem will accept defeat and become your ally to be used later in your other battle.

    vid3 300x161 Gorem: Your New Ally




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