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  • Beyblade RP- VS Team Destroyer

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      Setting: Japan, 2012After the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident, strange new Beyblades and Bladers appeared on Earth. These Bladers appear to be from another world! They call themselves Team Destroyer because the Beys they use are called The 5 Destroyers. It requires a very powerful Bey to defeat a Destroyer. The Beyblades are as follows:Tsunami Poseidon 80R3FBlade Orion S85RHFThunderbolt Zeus 80CMSMagma Gaia RBD145RWDSky Uranus 75M2FWhen they first appeared, they started defeating young Bladers and destroying their Beys. Team Epic Win, last year's World Champions heard about this and launched a WBBA approved investigation into Team Destroyer. This investigation showed that Team Destroyer wishes to destroy Earth on December 22nd. It's currently only 2 weeks from that date. Team Epic Win must stop these Bladers before it's too late!To join this RP, you must fill out a profile like this. For online safety reasons, use a fake name and age.Name:Age:Gender:Team: (choose either Epic Win or Destroyer, we need 5 people for each)Bey: (can be real or made up)Bey Upgrade Later On: (real or made up)Info about your character.MY PROFILEName: RyushiAge: 15Gender: MaleTeam: Epic WinBey: MF2 Basalt Orso D125EWDBey Upgrade Later On: MF2 Beat Lynx F:SInfo: The leader of Team Epic Win. About 5' 8'' tall, 108 lbs., black hair. Little is known about where he comes from or who his family is. Is often gone mysteriously for weeks at a time.

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      Thanx, Fullmetal.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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