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  • Bakugan New Vestroia Episode 31: Spectra Rises

    Bakugan Episode 83 : Spectra Rises part 1

    Bakugan Episode 83 : Spectra Rises part 2

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    logo Bakugan New Vestroia Episode 31: Spectra Rises

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    14 Responses to “Bakugan New Vestroia Episode 31: Spectra Rises”
    1. brontes has no soul now!!

    2. omg! drago is so strong + they used maxus drago and maxus helios wicked

    3.   LUMZUL!12345 says: December 10th, 2009 at 7:01 pm

      Alto Brontes, Shadow Vulcan, And Mystic Elico

    4. shadow vulcan and alto brontes are so freaken cool

    5. mystic elico is so cool i wish i had him

    6. um spuder u are wrong helios is still stronger becuz he evoled an got stronger but drago beat him in battel

    7. now spuder jakob is right becuz he said that gus took away brontes soul

    8. Lol cirrus drago is waaaay stronger than helios, why do u think he beat him in battle, theres no dought drago is better.

    9. spectra iz cool!

    10. hey u know HM infinity drago? it lookz like that new drago on da show. is it?

    11. i agree,tennus!

    12. i love bakugan traps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13.   bakuganisrockin says: May 23rd, 2010 at 7:15 am

      ehem…..cross drago?

    14. Screw japan they have cross drago in toy and they won’t share it with us,they’re messed up!

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